Abaco Centre Spot

Communicate differently with your audience

Abaco Centre Spot | Communicate differently with your audience

Ábaco Centre Spot is an Android-based application to show the latest news or information about an entity.

Connectivity with back-end through Web-services where it is only needed to change the Web-Service to modify the Data Stream, there is no need to change the application. It also supports getting the data from a Facebook feed. It provides a simple way for customers or fans to access information or check the latest promotions of a company or club.

A company has an easy way of sharing their information with their key users with low or almost no cost providing awareness to their news, services and brands. It provides an effortless way for users to share the information with others, because it supports individual news sharing with Facebook, email or even SMS.

Professional looking and intuitive application which relays on visual stimulation of the user for a more appealing use of it. It has support for multiple screens (smartphone or tablet). You can browse the news by category, by theme or by date and also do free searches. Easy of use by the content creator as well by the final user of the application.

Ábaco Centre Spot can be used with any kind of back-end system with fast and little changes to the web-service.


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