Abaco Integrator

Solution for Integration/Issue of Invoices

Abaco Integrator | Solution for Integration/Issue of Invoices

Every company needs to recurrently integrate/post services invoices with a high degree of detail of every day consumptions. This kind of detail usually complicate the task of integration and allocate a lot of resources for validation and matching posting.

This integration processes generally need to be posted using a complex analytical level that can be ascertained from the file contents.

To address these routine and time consuming tasks, Abaco developed an engine that can remove the majority of the workload from your company employees while, at the same time, maintain a flexible, less error prone and fast integration process.

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The Integrator Engine actions comprise of the following steps:

Import the external file
Post the FI document
With the data translation rules defined in PM, HR and engine own customizing tables, determine the analytical objects to be used in the CO integration process
Invoice analytical reclassification in the CO module with the corresponding analytical objects

Although the files translators offered by the current versions of Abaco Integrator include major Portuguese service providers, Abaco can deploy any custom file format for any country, upon request.


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