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SAP AMS – Abaco Support Center was created with the objective of providing its Clients with an excellent service of support and evolution of their information systems. We offer 3 complementary service lines – Abaco Assist, Abaco Evolute and Abaco System Administration– adaptable to your reality, modular and interrelated.

We believe that, by having multidisciplinary specialists, not only knowledgeable about SAP solutions but also about our Customers’ business, we can contribute to their evolution by proposing and supporting their growth initiatives and monitoring their information systems, developing a partnership relationship with our Clients to recognize us as Trusted Advisors in this area.

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    Abaco ASSIST

    Preferred for corrective but also preventive and evolutionary support, this service is based on the availability and multidisciplinarity of an appropriate and adjusted team of specialists. Ensures timely support through the urgency of the problem, sustained by a set of processes and procedures regarding the quality and efficiency of the service.

    Abaco EVOLUTE

    This service includes a series of recommendations inherent to a strategic evolution of the platform and its adoption of solutions. It is a value added service regarding the smooth functioning and updating of the technical platform.

    Abaco EVOLUTE service can be provided as follows:

    • T&M Scheme: An indicative effort estimate is provided which may be adjusted according to the complexity of the solution and with the prior agreement of the Customer.
    • Fixed Price Scheme: A closed price proposal is prepared, identifying the scope and value of the proposed services

    Abaco Systems Management and Administration

    The Systems Management and Administration service enables a wide range of services, from simple system monitoring, to complete delivery of system management with the following aspects:

    • Preventive management and monitoring activities;
    • Operational support activities;
    • Evolutionary activities;
    • Prevention 24 * 7;
    • Alarmistic.


    ABACO is certified by SAP as a Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). The certification granted by SAP AG certifies that the adoption of guidelines and best practice models used by the SAP AG. This certification covers processes, systems and people and certifies ABACO as high quality services and compliance in the use of SOLUTION MANAGER, and support methodology defined by the SAP standard.

    Full commitment to the methodologies and guidelines proposed by SAP. It is an important guarantee for customers efficient service and support offered with standard SAP (PQP Certification). After a deep and extensive internal audit, SAP grants PCOE certification to companies with excellence in support incident service and using SAP Solution Manager Incident Manager.

    SAP Support and Maintenance

    SAP Senior Team

    • Senior and Specialist consultants 100% dedicated
    • More than 80% of our consultants are SAP certified
    • Almost 20% of the consulting team are Solution Architects
    • Focus on immediate resolution of problems without unnecessary delays
    • Highly specialized team of functional and technical consultants increases productivity, delivering timely.
    • Deep knowledge in SAP Lansdscape Solutions
    • Request Senior expert on-demand to perform specific actions or long-term activities through predefined requirements

    Reporting & Communication

    • Activity report
    • Intervention Report
    • SLAs Breach
    • Legal and Technical newsletters

    Periodic follow-up program

    • Periodic visit to the client to collect feedback
    • Manage expectations
    • Monthly report


    Customer Satisfaction Assessment

    • ISO 9001 and PCoE certification requieres follow-up in what regards Customer Satisfation.
    • Continuous feedback is a process that allows the identification analysis of strengths, weakness, threads and opportunities.