Abaco System Monitoring

SAP monitoring tool

Abaco System Monitoring | SAP monitoring tool

Abaco’s System Monitoring is an in-house developed tool integrated in Abaco’s System Administration business offer, Abaco System Monitoring is based on a set of 3 main work vectors:

The awareness of the current state of the operating, databases and application systems leads to a pre-emptive approach and reduce the occurrence of failures and errors

With a control and monitoring tool that allows real time insight of your SAP system landscape, detection of system anomalies is greatly improved, leading to a much faster intervention

Analysis & Report
The ability to perform system checks and run reports to ascertain your landscape health is critical to make sure that every aspect is dealt in a timely manner

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    sap monitoring tools


    Furthermore, costumer’s have at their disposal, the possibility to defined system alerts for the various error types. This allows fast responses and therefore minimize operational downtimes.

    This monitoring tool lets customers monitor SAP and non-SAP systems (Databases, Operating Systems, SAP Application layer) in a stress-free way by making use of the tool dashboards with critical information.
    Embedded reporting capabilities provide historic data concerning system failures, events, notification and their responses.

    Reports also ensure that subscribed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are upheld.

    Integration with SAP Computing Centre Management System is also available

    Abaco’s System Monitoring is available as an web app and therefore is accessible through mobile devices or desktops with specific user interfaces.

    sap monitoring tools