Powerful Analytical Platform for Digital Auditing and Tax Compliance.
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Col.Bi | Digital Audit and Tax Compliance

Col.Bi is an analytical platform for digital auditing and tax compliance. This software, applied to corporate financial management, allows the managers to validate all the transactions of a company. This internal financial audit facilitates the identification of errors and allows validating standard audit files, such as SAF-T.

Through we are able to obtain:

  • All company’s transactions on one platform;
  • Massive data processing and validation;
  • Validated the useful data;
  • ERP inconsistencies;
  • Fraud inference;
  • Failures in internal control;
  • Exploration of information in an easy, attractive and graphical way;
  • Detail of root cause analysis;
  • Audit evidence;
  • Appropriate management decisions.

Financial and tax information reporting solution

  • Complete analysis of all SAF-T files as required by Tax Authorities;
  • Anticipates errors in reporting information to the Tax Authority;
  • Digital audit with drill-down to the root of each problem detected;
  • Audit trail of all corrective effort and attachment of the respective evidence;
  • It reduces the risk of tax litigation and guarantees the correct pre-completion of the new IES;
  • Classification and prioritization of default and fiscal contingency risks;
  • Complete and intelligent navigation of all the company’s accounting and commercial information.