Powerful Analytical Platform for Digital Auditing and Tax Compliance.
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Col.Bi | Digital Audit and Tax Compliance

Col.Bi is a powerful analytical platform for digital auditing and tax compliance. This program, applied to corporate financial management, allows to validate all the transactions of a company. This internal financial audit facilitates the identification of errors and allows validating standard audit files, such as SAFT.


Through we are able to obtain:

  • All a company’s transactions on one platform.
  • Massive data processing and validation.
  • Validated and useful data.
  • ERP inconsistencies.
  • Fraud inference.
  • Failures in internal control.
  • Exploration of information in an easy, attractive and graphic way.
  • Detail of root cause analysis.
  • Audit evidence.
  • Appropriate management decisions.

Solution strengths

Tax Compliance validates all company transactions before submission to the Tax Authority, in order to avoid reporting wrong information, inspections and tax investigations. The platform also ensures compliance with the requirements of the regulatory reports such as SAFT-PT, ISSO 295 PC, VAT returns or other electronic format for reporting tax information.


Checking the quality of ERP data

With, the IT Department can create specific validations that ensure ERP compliance or evaluate data quality and subsystem integrity. Acting as an IT regulator, the CIO can be vigilant of the company’s information systems, using the rules engine.


For Internal Financial Audit purposes

With the platform, it is possible to assess the entire internal control environment and define specific digital audit verifications. It also allows you to validate that the accounting procedures are being maintained exactly and cross-check information from sales documents with the accounting, ensuring that all integrations between modules or systems are being correct.


Communication with External Auditors

Financial reports, such as Income Statement and Balance Sheets can be obtained automatically from the platform, as well as detailed Trial Balance and Account Statements, without prior knowledge of the ERP source sources and with more reliable information, which in turn is reported to the Tax Authority.


Ensures the correct reporting of information

The data quality rules of the platform produce audit results and non-compliance notes so that the company can identify which information is incorrect or in non-compliance. The information navigation and analysis features in detail allows an analysis of the root cause of errors and situations of fraud inference to the source of the data, among millions of available records.


Management Tool

All sales information about products, customers, market shares and more, can be easily explored through’s navigation features, as well as KPIs, ratios, reports, statistics, etc.


Due Diligence Execution

Easily, the platform allows the analysis of the company’s financial information and its commercial performance. It is also possible to explore all accounting movements, validate sales made and products, explore customer evaluations based on external information, cross sales with accounting, among many options.


* Platform already compatible with the following standard audit and reporting files for tax information and mandatory rules:

SAFT-PT: Portugal; JPK: Poland, France; BEECH: Luxembourg;
iSAFT: Lithuania; Sii: Spain; SAF-T No: Norway
Additional audit files and other data sources can also be configured on the platform.

Who is the target?

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Statutory Auditor
  • Sales manager
  • Business manager
  • IT Director (CIO)
  • Shareholders
  • Tax Authority
  • Legal Risk Manager


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