SAP Electronic Invoicing


E-FACT allows to the clients to:

  • Send financial documents in electronic form;
  • Compliance with all legal requirements in force, to date, in Portugal.
  • Dematerialization of the use of paper;
  • Digitally secured sending;
  • Process traceability;
  • Compliance with current legal requirements, as of the date, in Portugal;
  • Reduce costs and environmental footprint;
  • Reduce payment time and dispute.

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- Implementation of the electronic invoicing process, from the output of the SAP document (PDF and XML format) to delivery to the final recipient with the documents duly signed with a qualified digital certificate, and there is information about the success (or not) of the sending;

- Integration of the e4Doc electronic certification process with SAP ERP;

- SIPT certification of documents;

- Monitoring of e-invoices, shipping status, document view by client and file.



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