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The GlobalSolver platform is a B2B cloud-based platform for optimizing and negotiating purchases. Our platform enables buyers to consult with an infinite number of potential suppliers according to their needs.

Our proprietary algorithm calculates the optimal solution on the best prices, quantities, incremental discounts and supplier credit quality using artificial intelligence to minimize purchasing costs and complexity.

The GlobalSolver platform allows companies and governments to manage, monitor and make more effective the procurement process. Our system’s robust data algorithms can handle the volume of calculations and give results that are tangible, understandable and ready to be put to work.

We save our clients’ money and bring the benefts of big data to a big problem.

The US local public procurement is $1.5 trillion a year. Government procurement in the UK is more than £300 billion per year. In our frst target market – Portugal, more than 160 billion euros of goods are purchased each year.

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Our customers have been able to reduce their procurement costs by more than 20%
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