inFactory for Shopfloor

Control system of the operations at shopfloor environment

inFactory for Shopfloor

Shopfloor Solution
Control system of the various existing operations at shop floor environment, integrated with ERP

In addition to providing a simple and integrated manner of the various shoop floor operations, from the usability point of view, the solution was drawn based on the latest web technologies, allowing it to be accessed on any device (computer or mobile), adapting to all scenarios of our customers.

Shifts Management | Register by order of production/supplies | Creation of rework orders | Creation of maintenance orders


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Register by order of production / material:
- Real time (stop causes associated with the work center and orders);
- Standard Times;
- Good quantities;
- Rework;
- Scrap;
- Records of timings / measurements / alerts;
- Consumption components

Creation of Maintenance Orders
Maintenance Orders can be created in SAP backend or another system that the company owns.
- Label Printing;
- View production plans;
- Material registration for barcode reading (defects per pass);
- Amounts of confirmation (good, scrap and rework).

In addition to these features, the system has two very important components of information to the user and area managers:
- Reports in SAP environment;
- Indicators by Area / Shift / rank / work center in a web environment: Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE);
- Quantities (Good, scrap, rework, completion percentages);
- Times (charts, production).


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