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inMotion for Sales

inMotion for Sales is a mobile solution that allows the sales team and deliveries to remotely interact and synchronise with your ERP system. This ensures fast, reliable and functional support that adds value for your customers.

The sales team uses the app on your tablet during customer visits. During the visits you can create Orders, Deliver products (process of Self-Sales), issue Invoices and make Collections. All the information and actions of the tablets is synchronized with a middleware system (AbacoCommunicator) that contains a replica of all the data of the various tablets, reporting functions, user management and permissions.

Mobilises the sales force | Multiple sales functionalities | Digital process end-to-end | Simplifies processes


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Route - Route planning optimisation
Orders - Creation of Sales Orders/Return Notes
Customer - Customer portfolio and history view
Cash - Cash reporting and printing
Products Catalog - Products and e-catalogue with images
Sales - Sales Targets and KPIs

Business Model:
- Pre-Sales
- Product Delivery
- New Customer Generation
- Daily Targets


Client Notes


Customer Details

Costumer Portfólio


New Client



Visits Clousure


Non-Mandatory Tasks



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