inMotion for Workflow Approval

Task Approval Solution

inMotion for Workflow Approval | Task Approval Solution

inMotion for Workflow Approval  was designed to give all SAP users involved in decision processes the ability to access all of their workitems, independently of the fact their using a smartphone or tablet, an iOS or Android device.

The solution was designed to be as flexible as possible while at the same time provide all the features that one might need to make an informed decision anywhere and anytime.

It delivers all the user’s SAP inbox decision items using an simple and pleasant user interface. Users can also display all different documents types that were attached to the workflow (PDF, MS Office, images, etc).

The app also support multiple decision options, enabling complex decision scenarios in an multi language company environment, making it ideal for multinational companies.

inMotion for Workflow Approval is an online only solution to mobilize your company’s decision makers. It can display all your SAP’s inbox decision workitems and their individual attachments In a easy and simple user interface.

To achieve this goal, Abaco developed an app engine that collects a user’s decision workflow tasks in the SAP backend system that was defined in the app preferences. This allows your company to provide training in test systems and also change your landscape with just a change of an IP address. You can also define the client onto the app should logon. The user also has the possibility to define the language that it wishes to see all the app’s texts and decision task texts.

The app engine is totally integrated in the customer’s SAP Backend system and can be configured to provide different levels of security through the setup of the webservice authentication methods.

This is the recommended system landscape:


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