Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP

Safe O’Clock Security Platform for SAP

Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform is a solution that changes the way you work with SAP Cybersecurity. This innovative solution contains more than a decade of SAP Cybersecurity experience and includes everything you need to Assess, Manage and Respond to SAP issues.


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    SAP Security

    SAP systems are open to attackers due to hidden security weaknesses. Every year, researchers discover a growing number of vulnerabilities with a maximum CVSS rating. Besides, PoC for exploiting vulnerabilities can be easily found in open sources.

    Security is a process. To achieve your goals, you have to identify issues, analyze, and respond to them regularly.

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    SAP Security

    Monitorização Segurança SAP Abaco Consulting

    Security Audit

    Abaco Consulting Monitorização Segurança SAP

    Vulnerability Management

    SAP Abaco Abaco Consulting Monitorização Segurança SAP

    Access Control

    Abaco Consulting Monitorização Segurança SAP

    Compliance Requirements


    Response features

    Analysis features

    • Analyze and prioritize
    • Best practice guidelines
    • Compliance requirements

    Assessment features

    • Identify vulnerabilities
    • Complete security audit
    • 10 000+ security checks

    Assessment features

    • Missing security updates
    • Unsafe system parameters
    • Exploitable vulnerabilities
    • Insecure connections
    • Weak passwords
    • Critical access

    Analysis features

    • Best practices
    • Custom security policies
    • Compliance requirements
    • Landscape visualization
    • Monthly updates

    Response features

    • Threat explanations
    • Remediation guidelines
    • Incident management system
    • Risk-based reports
    • Data export


    SAP Security architecture



    • Built-in best practices
    • Compliance policies
    • User-defined policies
    • Adjustable risks


    • Auto discovery
    • Asset management
    • Connection testing
    • Credential storage


    • Analysis projects
    • Scheduled analysis
    • Risk-based reports
    • Project data export


    Complete Lifecycle
    Identify, analyze, remediate, and re-test

    More than 10,000 security checks

    Cutting Edge
    Research-based monthly updates

    SAP Security

    Not Intrusive
    No agents, least privileges, no internet required

    Industry Focused
    Best practices and compliance requirements

    Professional Support
    Full support for product and security questions

    SAP Security