Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform for SAP

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Safe O’Clock Security Platform for SAP

Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform is a solution that changes the way you work with SAP Cybersecurity. This innovative solution contains more than a decade of SAP Cybersecurity experience and includes everything you need to Assess, Manage and Respond to SAP issues.


    Security Audit

    Vulnerability Management

    Access Control

    Compliance Requirements


    Response features

    • Remediate findings
    • Mitigation instructions
    • Incident management

    Analysis features

    • Analyze and prioritize
    • Best practice guidelines
    • Compliance requirements

    Assessment features

    • Identify vulnerabilities
    • Complete security audit
    • 10 000+ security checks

    Assessment features

    • Missing security updates
    • Unsafe system parameters
    • Exploitable vulnerabilities
    • Insecure connections
    • Weak passwords
    • Critical access

    Analysis features

    • Best practices
    • Custom security policies
    • Compliance requirements
    • Landscape visualization
    • Monthly updates

    Response features

    • Threat explanations
    • Remediation guidelines
    • Incident management system
    • Risk-based reports
    • Data export


    SAP Security architecture



    • Built-in best practices
    • Compliance policies
    • User-defined policies
    • Adjustable risks


    • Auto discovery
    • Asset management
    • Connection testing
    • Credential storage


    • Analysis projects
    • Scheduled analysis
    • Risk-based reports
    • Project data export


    Complete Lifecycle
    Identify, analyze, remediate, and re-test

    More than 10,000 security checks

    Cutting Edge
    Research-based monthly updates

    Not Intrusive
    No agents, least privileges, no internet required

    Industry Focused
    Best practices and compliance requirements

    Professional Support
    Full support for product and security questions