SAP Lumira

Data Visualization and Analytics Software

SAP Lumira | Data Visualization and Analytics Software

SAP Lumira allows you to create eye-catching previews with just a few clicks. The software has the ability to view large volumes of data, allowing them to be combined, enriched and displayed for immediate recommendations.

– Obtaining self-service data allows the acquisition and combination of data.

– Manipulation of data with reduced intervention of IT teams allows the enrichment of data using various functionalities such as the use of time and geographic dimensions as well as data transformation flows.

– Create visualizations in real time, regardless of the volume of data, which in turn provides the real-time visualization with SAP HANA, not requiring a data acquisition.

– Integration with the SAP BusinessObjects platform.

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– Acquisition of data, regardless of whether they are corporate or employee data;

– Enhancement of data quality; with the possibility of creating personalized hierarchies of time and geographic position;

– Manipulation of data without the use of script;

– Creation of visualizations for transmission and knowledge sharing;

– Direct connection to the SAP HANA platform.


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