SAP SuccessFactors

Human Capital Management solution

SAP SuccessFactors | Human Capital Management solution

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud software for Human Capital Management.

SAP SuccessFactors software is comprised of a set of Human Resources Management (HR) applications. Its functionalities range from Integration, Collaboration, Social Development, Learning System (LMS), Performance Management, Recruitment, Succession Planning, Talent Management and HR Analyzes applications. All these functions contribute to an aligned strategy, good team management and high employee performance. This SAP software is designed to simplify and improve the processes involved in Human Resources (HR) management.

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    sap successfactors software

    sap successfactors


    Recruit the best talent in the world to find the best fit for your business.

    Get the right people in the right roles quickly at a reduced cost with our recruiting solution:

    • Attract, engage, and select the world’s best talent;
    • Improve the entire hiring process by combining an intelligent and social recruiting marketing process with a complete mobile experience for candidates and a collaborative selection process.


    Lay the onboarding foundation for employee success – starting before day one

    Transform the new-hire onboarding process into opportunities for developing productive, engaged employees. Our onboarding solution can help you:

    • Incorporate the latest onboarding best practices and emphasize employee socialization;
    • Guide your HR personnel, hiring managers, and new hires in meaningful ways;
    • Connect new hires with the right people and relevant content even before their first day;
    • Develop new hires quickly to help them contribute to their organization in record time.


    Create an aligned, engaged, and high-performing workforce

    Increase employee engagement by aligning workforce performance and goals with your corporate strategy. With our solutions, you can:

    • Empower managers to clearly communicate and align goals;
    • Assess workforce performance objectively and accurately;
    • Provide insight into organizational performance through powerful analytics;
    • Engage in meaningful, ongoing dialogue that positively impacts business needs and strategy.


    Maximize compensation budgets, reduce risk, and improve communication

    Allocate compensation funds effectively to retain your top performers and avoid overpaying underachievers. Our compensation solution can help you achieve better business results:

    • Reward great performance;
    • Optimize budgets;
    • Improve compliance;
    • Eliminate bias using calibration.


    Improve organizational agility through succession and development planning

    Retain valuable employees and promote leadership continuity with succession and development solutions from SAP. By enabling you to support strategic succession and development processes that reach deep into the organization, our solutions help you:

    • Build bench strength to fill critical positions quickly;
    • Engage employees with career growth and personal development opportunities;
    • Align the workforce to critical business needs;
    • Gain talent insights that drive better business outcomes.


    Build a learning culture to boost competitive advantage and business results

    Empower everyone in and around your organization to become a student and a teacher. Our learning solution can help you develop a single, powerful foundation for inspiring continuous learning throughout your organization:

    • Improve skills;
    • Reduce compliance risk;
    • Encourage leadership development training;
    • Engage any learning audience more effectively.

    sap successfactors software

    Human Resources Software

    sap successfactors