10 Ways SAP Business Technology Platform
Helps Move HR to the Cloud

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform for Human Experience Management

Moving to the cloud should be one of your company’s top priorities. Cloud-based technology and processes transform how your business is run so you can create competitive advantages and new efficiencies across the business, from HR to the boardroom.

SAP Business Technology Platform can help get your company to the cloud in 10 key ways:


Create made-for-mobile experiences

Provide innovative, designedfor-mobile experiences for people that don’t normally work from an office or desk.

Prepare for success

Lay the groundwork for a successful migration by preparing and cleansing your data with robotic process automation, data hygiene, and data verification.

 Remove manual processes

Eliminate redundant and error-prone manual uploading tasks by implementing real-time data imports during the transition period so legacy and newer systems stay in sync.

Update outdated processes

Modernize existing processes with new cloud-based systems through easily configurable workflow management, which enables you to swap out legacy  systems with new cloud-based systems by dragging and dropping.

Move on your schedule

Keep existing critical systems and processes running until you’re ready to operate in the cloud.

Go hybrid

Create the right migration plan for your organization, even if it doesn’t lead to a full-cloud implementation. Run a hybrid on-premises and cloud-based environment or even mix and match solutions with third-party vendors.

Add some smarts

Streamline recruiting by adding machine learning to the inbound applicant process to automatically review and prioritize candidates based on your business needs.

Build bridges between

information silos Build bridges between legacy on-premises, third-party, and modern cloud-based applications so the data your people need is easily available on demand.

Provide engaging experiences

Create the right experience regardless of where your people, data, and systems are located. Develop Web- and mobile-based apps and dashboards designed for how and where your people work with data and processes from your SAP SuccessFactors and third-party HR solutions.

Get a holistic view of your people

Create an accurate and comprehensive holistic view of your people with legacy on-premises data blended with your new cloud-based data.

SAP Business Technology Platform

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