12 Ways to create business value from data

Up to 95% of data in companies resides unused in siloed databases, archives, and data warehouses, distributed across infrastructure providers and hyperscale cloud providers. Thousands of companies worldwide use SAP® Business Technology platform to give such data purpose.

SAP Business Technology Platform is optimized to leverage SAP businness semantics and business processes to integrate leading technologies that make your data readily available for your business. This comprises technologies to access any data source securely, increase data quality, govern data consumption, automate data processing, as well as to analyze and use data in every step of your business process – by any business user.

Open and flexible data integration between SAP and hyperscalers

Modern enterprise architectures consume data and services across multiple hyperscale cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. With SAP Data Intelligence Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can flexibly consume and connect any data from any source, via direct access, federation, with and without replication.

Cloudify your data warehouse efficiently

Shift your data warehouse to the cloud to gain agility, scalability, and elasticity without rebuilding from scratch. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can immediately reuse your existing data models, integrations, and skills in the cloud, step-by-step. Reduce project risk and cost by using pre-delivered content.

Provide self-service data for business users

Most data users depend heavily on IT specialists to provide data access and reports. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can create dedicated data spaces for any user to model, explore, and share their data in a governed and secure environment, preserving the business context of all data. This allows flexible selfservice data access and use, independent from IT.

Provide a single source of truth for master data across SAP and non-SAP applications

Integrate your master data organization-wide across SAP and non-SAP applications and manage it centrally to provide a united, trusted view into your business. With the SAP Master Data Governance application, you obtain this master data management layer through SAP Business Technology Platform.

Simplify data governance with intelligent technologies

Ensure continuous, enterprise-wide data governance to use information as an asset through all phases of data usage, from data processing, data discovery, data mining, to information trading. Automate and support the gathering of information about the location, attributes, quality, and sensitivity of your data to make informed decisions on which datasets to publish and determine who has access to use or view information about the datasets.

Optimize cost and performance with intelligent and scalable data tiering

Data tiering allows companies to access hot, warm, and cold data from one centralized place. With SAP HANA® Cloud, you can easily manage and access all data within a single solution, from data in-memory, on disk, and even in petabyte-scale data lakes. SAP HANA Cloud’s data tiering helps enterprises balance storage, performance, and costs.

Provide simple access to SAP data for data scientists

Data scientists need access to SAP systems to explore data and train algorithms. Raw data exports, however, lose all business context of such data. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, data scientists access data within its business context – fully independent from IT. They can directly apply 3rd party ML tools and leverage SAP HANA’s high-performance data pre-processing and ML capabilities. Furthermore, SAP Data Intelligence Cloud helps you to productionize ML projects and enrich business processes by providing ML-driven insights.

Provide integrated real-time analytics & planning in one single solution

Most companies use disconnected data, tools, and processes for business analytics and planning. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you consolidate planning and analytics functionality in one tool and user experience. This allows you to embed augmented intelligence, simulations, predictive insights, and advanced visualizations directly into the context of your planning processes. With live access to SAP data, you can instantly analyze deviations from your actuals and plans without replicating data.

Deliver predictive business planning

Companies need to respond to disruptions within their markets quickly, ideally even before they happen. Disconnected planning with standalone spreadsheets and solutions are too slow and error prone. With SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud, companies can collaboratively plan, predict, and simulate, any business impact of events and actions in one unified  environment. This enables predictive planning and budgeting enterprise-wide on any data.

Create a scalable, event-driven enterprise architecture

Event-driven architectures are the foundation for highly scalable distributed applications. SAP Event Mesh is a fully managed cloud service that allows applications to communicate through asynchronous events across SAP and non-SAP landscapes for greater agility and scalability.

High-speed integration between SAP and non-SAP systems, services, and processes

Connecting business processes and applications can be time-consuming and complex. SAP Integration Suite is a full-range enterprise integration platform with built-in connectivity, pre-built content, recommendations, and low-code tools to minimize your effort and time

Modernize business apps and processes without coding

Replace complex software development with easy dragand-drop actions. SAP’s low-code/no-code portfolio accelerates the development of attractive business apps, workflows, and automations. Anyone can create mobile apps, web applications, workflows, and integrations without writing code, integrated into SAP processes.

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