3 reason you should choose Abaco
as your SAP AMS Partner

SAP AMS Partner

SAP AMS Partner

We believe that, by having multidisciplinary specialists, not only knowledgeable about SAP solutions but also about our Customers business, we can contribute to their evolution by proposing and supporting their growth initiatives and monitoring their information systems, developing a partnership relationship with our Clients to recognize us as Trusted Advisors in this area.

Abaco Support Centre was created with the objective of providing its Clients with an excellent service of support and evolution of their information systems. We offer 3 complementary service lines – Abaco ASSIST, Abaco EVOLUTE and Abaco Basis Monitoring – adaptable to your reality, modular and interrelated.

But why choose Abaco as your strategic SAP AMS nearshore partner?


Dedicated team

  • When?
    • Long-term, ongoing cooperation
    • Own management team
    • Share leading practices, provide SAP updates and advisory addressing areas of concern
  • Why?
    • Take part of Strategic SAP Projects
    • Dedicated team acting as an extension of client organization
    • Ability to select and monitor team members
    • Flexible contract terms measured in man/months


Fixed Costs

  • When?
    • Mid-term relationship
    • Well-defined project specifications for small projects
    • Limited budget and timeline
  • Why?
    • Clear work order for project milestones, detailed activities, documentation and deliverables
    • Wider predictability of the project’s costs
    • Fixed price according to the agreement


Time & Materials

  • When?
    • Short-term/induction period
    • Variable requirements and wide scope to estimate
    • Flexible resources allocation and/or plan
    • Client full ownership and project control
  • Why?
    • Budget reflects spent hours and is adjustable to the requirements
    • Monthly payments based on the time and resources used
    • Flexible than fixed budget, so lower risk due to the fact that all activities and request can be changed or canceled at any stage


Abaco Consulting is specialized in SAP AMS, with 16 years of experience in international markets. We have solutions adapted to the realities of companies of any size and industry. Get in touch with Abaco!

SAP AMS Partner

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