4 main points for Strategic Human
Resource Management

Gestão Estratégica de Recursos Humanos

Human Resource Management

The fact that companies focus more and more on Talents is not a necessity, but a fundamental requirement for a strategic management of human resources that is objective and close to its main asset, Employees.

A strategic human resources management centered on Talents makes them the centerpieces in the digital acceleration process of companies. If before, in many companies, the centralization of information was practically unthinkable, nowadays it is a reality, making it increasingly easy to connect and bring employees together around relevant discussions and share critical information about the organization.

The 4 main points for Strategic Human Resource Management should be based on:

  • Promote the creation and development of a collaborative platform in the organization. I also provides a modern and secure internal network (intranet).
  • Improvement of internal feedback through platforms designed for this purpose
  • Remote presentation of HR initiatives using a platform and improve the reach and adherence of the initiatives. For example: Launch of the performance evaluation process, assessment of the organizational climate.
  • Promote a culture of sharing and learning within the organization.

For this to happen, it is necessary to provide Talents with the most effective social collaboration tools available on the market, such as SAP JAM, a collaborative social network that allows connecting and bringing employees together around relevant discussions and sharing critical information about the organization. and key issues for their and business development.


SAP Jam is an easy to configure and maintain solution, and is also simple and intuitive to use on a variety of mobile devices. This solution encourages the improvement of internal communication, the sharing of documents and other strategic information about the company and also provides training focused on the creation and management of groups, sharing of discussions within thematic groups and, finally, enhances the instant messaging functionality.

Abaco provides a digital acceleration process through targeted training to get the most out of the SAP JAM Basic solution available to all active users on SAP SuccessFactors. Human Resource Management

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