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SAP Systems Monitoring

Abaco SYS is one of the support services provided by Abaco Consulting for the systems administration area, guaranteed by a team of experienced consultants, which proposes to assist in the management and administration of application environments for various SAP solutions. This service guarantees the good performance of customers’ systems, freeing them for business oriented activities and making them more efficient.

Through Abaco SYS Abaco Consulting provides technical services that carry out preventive activities that reduce impacts on the SAP platform. For this, our Support and Systems Administration Center has developed an exclusive tool, called Abaco Monitoring System, which allows greater control of the companies’ system performance, while also reducing their associated risks and the fixed costs of their internal team.

The Abaco SYS tool reduces the response time to problems that arise in the customers’ systems. In addition, as it is not necessary to enter SAP to perform a daily check, it makes the monitoring process more agile, constituting great added value for organizations.

In addition to the various SAP system monitoring actions, to ensure system performance and prevent errors that affect it, the services also provide technical interventions when needed by our SAP system administration consultants.

The service packages are adaptable to the needs of each client, the activities being maintenance, operational management, evolutionary maintenance and, also, a 24/7 service, and this solution allows access through mobile equipment.

But how does Abaco SYS works?

Abaco SYS enables central monitoring of all SAP environments at the level of the operating system, database and SAP application, sending alerts via e-mail in case of critical or alarming situations. Therefore, the solution – which allows monitoring not only SAP systems, but the entire customer infrastructure – prevents failures and consecutive downtimes in SAP environments.

Through integration with the SAP CCMS monitoring architecture, it is possible to obtain all the information necessary to monitor the companies’ system and act in a preventive manner. The tool allows the user to view, via browser, the updated status of all systems and connections within his organization, always being alerted to critical situations according to their degree of relevance.

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