Advantages of using the GlobalSolver
Optimization system

GlobalSolver Procurement Optmization

In view of the operational performance of organizations, Abaco Consulting has developed an interface that allows the integration of the GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization platform with the ERP SAP, thus becoming an exclusive GlobalSolver partner for SAP customers. Find out how your organization can take advantage of this strategic partnership.

Organizations using GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization have optimized procurement and procurement negotiation processes, making them more efficient, faster, more rigorous and transparent. The B2B cloud platform, developed by GlobalSolver, automates purchasing and supplier management, allowing for cost savings on several fronts.

GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization: key benefits for organizations

1. Reduction of operating and acquisition costs
Regarding the choice of suppliers, the algorithm structure of GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization calculates the ideal solution based on the best prices, quantity, volume, discounts and quality scores from the supplier.
In addition to simplifying processes and allowing consulting, selecting and contracting an unlimited number of suppliers, it minimizes direct and indirect costs not only in operational terms, but also in the actual acquisitions.
The efficiency and automation of procurement processes can save organizations a lot of money, avoiding late purchases, lost discounts and transaction disputes.

2. Greater negotiating power
In addition to providing the buyer with detailed information for each of the different purchase scenarios, it invites suppliers to improve their initial proposals in terms of unit prices, commercial discounts (by quantity or volume of purchase) and cash discounts.

3. More informed financial decisions
By centralizing procurement processes on a single platform, GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization allows management, monitoring and access to detailed (and understandable) reports of the procurement process, contributing to more informed financial decisions.

4. Optimization of processes and human resources
Making the decision to automate procurement and supplier management allows better control over all stages of the procurement lifecycle (procurement lifecycle), optimizing not only the operational processes, but also the human resources, since it optimizes the workload of all stakeholders.

5. Digital transformation
Smart management models are transforming businesses and increasing the competitiveness of organizations in the global market. Optimizing processes and resources, using, for example, machine learning or big data processing, can be a decisive step for the survival of certain organizations in the context of industry 4.0.
The advantages of the GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization system are not limited to economic and organizational issues. In strategic terms, it can have a significant impact on the competitiveness of organizations and, consequently, on their overall growth.

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