Automotive industry and ERP: drive your business to success

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The automotive industry requires, worldwide, a high quality index of products and components, fundamentally, because it is a highly regulated sector.

In addition, and due to the strength of competition, greater effort is required in productivity and continuous improvement of processes, with the main objectives of reducing production costs and using innovative and more efficient manufacturing techniques.

To achieve this goal, companies in this business sector need tools that help facilitate all processes, that is, they need integrated information management.

Currently, there are 3 main strategic priorities in this sector, which are divided into Customer Centricity, having it as its main focus, capturing feedback regarding the management of your company and encompassing all departments; Respond to the various Segments, by providing solutions that meet the real individual needs of each client, meeting the requirements of each of them and thus allowing the mass customization of your system; and, finally, Intelligent Digital Products, which drive the differentiation and specificities of digital resources.

manufacturers are expected to use innovative marketplaces by 2022, thereby increasing margins by 5%.
of large companies will generate revenue from data as a service (data-as-a-service) by 2020.
OEMs are investing in IoT to offer support and connected services.

Market routes for automotive companies have proliferated, leading to the emergence of new business models, taking advantage of the opportunities for sustained and value-added relationships with consumers looking for “results”, rather than just “products”. Thus, it is about building long-term relationships with consumers, based on a deep understanding and, often, in real time, of their evolution.

Four of the main challenges for the Automotive Industry are based on:

Definition of the Business Model

  • Challenge: Occurs manually, outside ERP, limited monitoring, isolated planning
  • Result: Difficult to implement and execute the new subscription model

Sales and Subcontracting

  • Challenge: Sales and contracts must be redesigned or built from the ground up, processes separated by customer
  • Result: Slower time to market and frustrated customers

Usage Tracking

  • Challenge: Manual collection of IoT usage or integration data with many features
  • Result: Delays and errors in usage data


  • Challenges: Manual resource allocation, multiple sources of documentation per asset, without cost, risk and performance optimization
  • Result: Dissatisfied Customers

Abaco Consulting is a specialist in the Automotive industry and incorporates all the good practices of the market, facilitating regulatory compliance and distribution models for companies that produce or supply components.


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