The digital transformation into a full HXM experience:
a new challenge for all organizations

All around us we are seeing the effects of transformative technologies in our day-to-day reality – changing the way we work, shop, communicate, and care. Every single industry has been vastly revolutionized by advancements in automation, IT, and globalization to the extent that many only have a small resemble to what they were four decades ago, at the dawn of the Digital Revolution.

Thus, the digital future of HXM should focus on intelligent cloud platforms that can adapt to their business and HR needs to ensure optimal performance and provide the best possible employee experience.

10 years have now passed since the successful acquisition and integration of SAP SuccessFactors, into the SAP ecosystem. The strong capabilities of the platform in the different Talent Management fields, helped on it’s large acceptance by the market, resulting in the hundreds of live customers, the thousands of employees being managed, and the dozens of new features being added in every new release.

With the Talent Management field being more and more in a strongly mature situation, in market terms, we are now witnessing in most recent years, the constant increase into the adoption of the Payroll field into the cloud, with more and more clients moving to the Employee Central Payroll solution. Being an integrated solution with the SAP SuccessFactors platform, it allows the clients to have a fully immersive experience, sustained by the integration capabilities of both the Point-to-point integration (connecting Employee Central and Employee Central in a direct method), as well as Cloud Platform Integration, connecting SAP SuccessFactors with any external system that might need information from the different set of applications.

Having invested some time and energy into their on-premise payroll system, SAP’s cloud payroll solution in ECP takes on much of that set of knowledge offering in the cloud and linked to Employee Central (EC) through replication. This combining the best of both worlds: SAP’s mature and sophisticated payroll product coupled with the usability of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

The built-in features regarding not only information security, but also data privacy, ensures any customer that all transactional data is safely stored in the provider data center, using best of breed technologies for that purpose. Thru moving Payroll to the cloud, clients will be able to focus entirely on the business processes, thus leaving all the technical aspects to the cloud provider.

Having the Payroll more and more fully integrated withing the cloud offering by SAP, the next challenge is the compete adoption of the Time Evaluation capabilities, into that same offering. With the continuous investment and improvement made by SAP in the Time Tracking application of Employee Central, it will be just a matter of time, to be able to have a fully integrated HXM management system in the cloud offering, giving both current and future customers, to fully embrace the process optimization, made possible by the adoption of a fully cloud-based solution.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

Organizations around the world are adapting to the changing nature of work – where careers are more fluid, hybrid work is the new norm, and organizational agility is critical to business success.

Being able to have available application that can allow the Human Capital teams to allow them to :

  • Reduce fragmented payroll models, by concentrating different systems and locations, into a single platform; currently, over 45 country localizations are available;
  • Increase the visibility over specific crucial KPI’s, by using powerful Line-of-sight analytics for detailed insight to enhance the employee experience;
  • Increase the Payroll data verification methodology, thus increasing automated verification and reconciliation, by the means of the Payroll Control Center feature;
  • In an ever-changing world, have the agility that allows a Single global HR platform, with consistent and standardized HR processes

Having all those features integrated into the same platform, allows for not only a swift implementation plan, but also a clear engagement, in the entire organization, of the new reality of Payroll in the cloud.



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