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Planning Solutions

SAP software and solutions enable companies to drive topline growth, cost-effectiveness, and balance sheet utilization by improving enterprise planning and decision-making processes. Specifically, SAP solutions let you:

  • Incorporate best-of-breed embedded application capabilities powered by SAP HANA®, such as business intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, collaboration, data visualization, and advanced planning, modeling, and simulation techniques
  • Enable interdepartmental collaboration across all types of planning processes, providing the ability to understand and manage trade-offs required to develop the optimal plan
  • Provide native, real-time, transparent integration across the SAP portfolio of applications such as SAP S/4HANA®
  • Take advantage of data integration to thirdparty environments
  • Create a line of sight between strategic, operational, and financial goals, decisions, and outcomes
  • Support network planning for operations and advanced planning topics as well as multidimensional planning for finance
  • Become flexible to support new business models and benefit from systems of differentiation in the digital enterprise

SAP collaborative enterprise planning approach consists of two key solutions: SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Integrated Business Planning.




This solution is a software-as-a-service analytics platform that includes business intelligence, predictive analytics, and planning functionality to let people make fast, confident decisions. SAP Digital Boardroom is built on SAP Analytics Cloud, which contains embedded collaboration tools, and integrates with the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application. The financial planning domain is supported by SAP Analytics Cloud and provides the financial planning and analysis capabilities for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. With SAP Analytics Cloud, organizations can:

  • Act in the moment:
    • Analyze, plan, predict, and report all in one place to save time and better support the business
    • Plan and analyze directly within your enterprise solution for instant insight to action
    • Visualize performance metrics and adjust drivers on-screen to simulate the impact of decisions

  • Continuously collaborate:
    • Discuss plans in context for increased accountability
    • Interact on-screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going
    • Crowdsource plans and budgets across the business to increase engagement and accuracy
  • Become an intelligent enterprise:
    • Discover top influencers of performance without having to look, and automatically predict future values to save time and improve results
    • Augment manual insights with embedded intelligence for better, data-driven decisions
    • Ask questions in natural language to get the answers you seek as simply as having a conversation


SAP Digital Boardroom, built on SAP Analytics Cloud, pulls information across all lines of business and operations to provide a complete, real-time view of critical business metrics in one place. It does all this without moving, duplicating, or preaggregating data into separate data marts or data warehouses. SAP Digital Boardroom is optimized for very large touch screens so business leaders can visualize all the critical metrics they need. The strategic planning domain is supported by this solution.



SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloudbased planning solution that supports advanced S&OP and other supply chain planning processes. The solution encompasses functionality for sales and operations planning, demand sensing and demand planning, inventory and supply optimization, and order-based planning for operational processes such as exception-driven response management and deployment. SAP Integrated Business Planning provides network-based planning capabilities that support simulations and heuristics and optimization when there are many alternate network paths. Network planning allows users to plan on any number of attributes around customers, products, locations, and channels. Such planning accounts for indirect relationships between individual attributes and constraints, which are typically complex relationships between business drivers and outcomes. Network planning does not require or use accounts. The S&OP and supply chain planning domains are supported by this solution. With SAP Integrated Business Planning, you can:

  • Align sales, product, financial, and operational activities with corporate strategies for the midto long-term planning horizon;
  • Model supply chain and financial impacts of future business events such as disruptions to the market or supply chain and strategy decisions and changes;
  • Generate an operationally feasible, financially viable, and executive-approved operational plan that aligns with corporate objectives;

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