Drive Sales with Intelligent Sales Automation

Intelligent Selling Made Simple

Sales has evolved into a dynamic process that requires organizations to better understand buyers and engage effectively to deliver the digital-first sales experiences that customers expect. Sellers must be armed with the right set of tools and technologies to quickly overcome complexities, easily engage with buyers, and dynamically collaborate to navigate selling journeys. To meet these needs, high-performing sales organizations are turning to the SAP® Sales Cloud solution.

Today, business-to-business buyers have more control over their purchasing journey. They’re better informed, socially connected, and able to switch products, services, and vendors more easily than ever. By the time a customer reaches out to a salesperson, they are often more than halfway through their decision-making  process. To increase revenue, organizations need to remove friction between buyers and sellers and foster more focused, customer-centric activities. Leading organizations can do this effectively by reducing the complexity of sales interactions through intelligent, digital-first automation. Improved business agility helps sales organizations eliminate gaps between go-to-market channels and provide offerings aligned with buyer needs and wants – including partner sales, third-party channels, subscription services, and service-based offerings. And you need to gain these capabilities with minimal IT investment and effort to accelerate time to value.


Create Meaningful Customer Interactions and Win

SAP Sales Cloud enables intelligent, customercentric sales processes that help sellers focus on the right business with the right insights to effectively cater to buyer needs. Deployed in the cloud and designed as a digital-first solution, it helps remove sales complexity and future-proof critical sales functions at scale. Plus,  embedded intelligence provides insight where sellers need it most to make every interaction meaningful and grow revenue.

Modern sales organizations need to balance varied priorities. Besides meeting customer needs, you must increase the quantity and quality of the lead funnel, improve sales insights and forecasting capabilities to improve demand planning, and effectively engage on digital-first channels. Operationally, you need efficient processes uniting each line of business involved in the sales journey to accelerate onboarding time and retain your top sellers.

With SAP Sales Cloud, you gain tools to meet these priorities while equipping your sales organization with the understanding and insight it needs to engage and win in today’s business environment.

Intelligent selling enables you to:
• Understand through insight so you can effectively connect with customers and capitalize on emerging trends
• Focus on high-value business through datadriven intelligence that helps eliminate noise and guide sellers
• Accelerate sales at scale without barriers so you can unify and grow operations globally to meet buyers on their terms

SAP Sales Cloud helps you connect great sales experiences to outcomes that matter for your customer so you can maximize lifetime value.

Gain the Right Insights Wherever You Are

In our increasingly digital world, your salespeople need to be more agile to respond to rapidly changing customer needs and competitive pressures. Going beyond  the traditional approach to CRM sales software, SAP Sales Cloud helps you maximize the effectiveness of your sales reps to engage and win customers like never before.

The solution offers a fully featured native mobile experience so sellers can engage with customers anytime, anywhere. It provides the right insights at your fingertips, regardless of where you are.

In real time, you can manage activities, track performance, and leverage insights to take action. This all happens within a highly intuitive interface that allows you to:

• Drive success with connected mobile selling capabilities and insights
• Improve field sales and digital selling performance
• Analyze productivity, trends, and signals to improve execution


Work Smarter So You Can Act Faster and Sell More

Your prospects may already be interacting with your company through various channels. Without visibility into those interactions, your salespeople have limited ability to impact decision-making.

SAP Sales Cloud helps solve that challenge by empowering business users with a robust range of features that allow you to act faster and sell more. These features provide the essential sales automation functionality and embedded intelligence you need to improve business outcomes.

Sales-force automation
• Drive revenue with connected lead, opportunity, and forecast processes
• Improve sales productivity with collaboration tools, interactive dashboards, and real-time customer analytics
• Maximize selling time with interaction automation and synchronization using common e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail


Realize the Benefits of Intelligent, Customer-Centric Sales Automation

SAP Sales Cloud provides the tools and insights you need to understand your customers, improve sales engagement, and build relationships that last.

You can engage with customers intelligently and with a fully featured, native mobile experience that drives efficiency and insight for field sellers. Salespeople can explore data and better prepare for sales interactions with deep insights and datadriven recommendations. These capabilities enhance the user experience to deliver the following business benefits:
• Stronger customer connections: Empower sellers to be trusted advisors and create lasting relationships with a comprehensive view of customer interactions, social insights, and selling guidance.
• Greater productivity: Engage customers strategically and make every interaction count by managing activities, advancing opportunities, and tracking performance.
• Increased win rates: Boost sales effectiveness with AI recommendations tailored to each opportunity and intelligent automation of laborintensive tasks, such as automatically capturing the interactions you have with clients.


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