How to ensure workplace safety
using Safemed


Safemed ensures workplace safety across all industries, and facilitates the day-to-day work and life of all professionals. The solution is adapted not only to service companies, but providers of these processes. This technology has been developed via cloud, so it is therefore accessible from all devices / places. In this way professionals can be accompanied by a mobile device and perform an immediate record of all actions.


Safemed‘s key features includes:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Risk Reporting
  • Training



Safemed ensures a complete commitment to legislated requirements, including operational management, administrative management, and clinical management. SafeMed ensures the safety of employees, consumers and products – ensuring that a company can follow structured guidelines safely with continuous training to reduce critical mistakes. This technology will offer your a piece of mind, for your employees, products and business. Health & Safety is vital for the well being of your workforce and customers, but as a business owner or manager, it can feel like a minefield. SafeMed takes the confusion out of Health & Safety compliance; Providing the tools to create your risk assessments; boost your business credentials; keep you up-to-date on the latest legislation and save you time with our online tools. In addition, you can call us for advice at anytime. And, if the worst happens, we’re here for you.



This technology will also help your business to develop in numerous ways:

  • Attracting the best talent for you business by ensuring the safest possible working environment.
  • Ensuring your customers the best/safest products on the market.
  • You will gain the trust of other businesses through following correct precautions, by boosting business credentials.

This EHS Health and Safety management software will:

  • Support the management of health and safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Training
  • Occupational Health Processes
  • Licensing/Legislation

Using this system you can become:

  • Cost-effectively comply with complex health and safety regulations – globally
  • Drive continuous safety and EHS performance improvement across your operations
  • Proactively assess risk and prevent adverse events with operational controls
  • Capture, investigate, and learn from safety observations, near-misses, and incidents
  • Launch effective programs for occupational health, industrial hygiene, and more



One of the main functionalities of the solution is that it allows companies providing EHS services to carry out BackOffice processes, Occupational Medicine, Food Safety and Hygiene and Safety processes, support in transversal processes (Cost of Exams and Health Consultations, Cost Annual Report, Profitability Analysis, Alerts), support in completing the Single Report (mandatory annual delivery to ACT for all companies) as well as Clinical Management and Noise Analysis Processes.

In addition to these already existing functionalities, a number of new features of this solution were also developed: a Customer and Partner portal was created (total control and access to data by the client and partner of the Occupational Safety and Health processes; reports, documents, fact sheets); Training module (management of the annual training plan, courses, trainers, rooms); the digital signature of the citizen’s card (digital signature of the certificate of identity through the citizen’s card, allowing a certificate of suitability totally free of paper) was included; support in submitting the single report (an obligatory, very complex and time-consuming annual document. Software simplifies this process).

Other functionalities go through the process of adaptation to the new European data protection regime (RGPD); the strengthened focus on data security policies, which is essential for the protection of sensitive information; provision of a system of production of risk and compliance reports, configurable according to each company, as well as an experienced support team with strict support and, finally, provision of an automated system of notices with integrated notification processes.


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