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Electronic Invoicing

Currently, billing is not a flexible, agile and simple process, as it involves an effort for companies.

The company’s liquidity requires effective management at the level of billing to the customer, however, as this management is manual, delays / errors may arise that increase the costs and time of issuing the invoice to the customer.

“Electronic Invoicing by Abaco” is a solution that, in addition to contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint, significantly reduces administrative times. The electronic invoice is sent by email, with the SAP success information automatically (PDF and XML format) and the documents are duly validated with a digital certificate for qualified electronic signature (CdQ), thus fulfilling the legal requirements in force, to date, in Portugal.

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The electronic invoice is a solution that allowed us to reduce costs while maintaining the guarantee of receipt of the invoice by the customer (our previous option was sending by registered mail) and made the process faster because the customer receives the invoice at the same time as the invoice. it is performed. There is also a positive impact on the management of the issuance of credits / corrections since, once again, it occurs at the time of issuance of the document, making these tasks faster and more effective. Finally, this optimization of the entire billing process ends up translating positively into our average receipt period.
     Cristina Silva
Abaco F&A Director


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