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software SAP Success Factors

software SAP Success Factors

A well-defined employee strategy is important for the success of any business, employee performance is they key in driving company success. Implementing affective goal alignment throughout your whole organisation will not only help maximise the performance of your business, but will also create a company structure you would be proud of. To survive in today’s marketplace, small to mid-sized businesses must find ways to be smarter, more productive, and more cohesive than their larger competitors. We will take a deeper look into how SAP SuccessFactors can help you to reach your HR goals.


  • Proven correlation between increased employee performance and revenue.
  • Quick company strategy execution.
  • Reduced employee turnover.
  • Increases company morale – resulting in more engaged and driven employees.


Individuals whom, not only understand their own specific goals and targets but also that of the whole organisations will naturally become more engaged at work in the attempts to reach and surpass SMART goals. Once employees are shown how their direct contributions are impacting on the success of a company, they in turn will also feel more valued (an asset) to the company. They, therefore, will discover smarter and more efficient ways of working. This change in attitude will directly affect the productivity and profitability of the entire organisation.

SAP SuccessFactors will enable to help this happen by:

  • Engaging managers to understand the performance of individual employees, and how they are feeling (via interactive dashboards). This in-turn will enable managers to determine SMART goals based on individual insights in real-time.
  • Provides reporting capabilities across the whole organisation, to those that want them.
  • Provides a direct method of communication – from employee to manager and vice versa.


Using SMART goals will enable the sufficient allocation of labour, generating higher productivity rates and faster execution rates. SMART goals will ensure precise allocation of labour, will reduce hours spent on “dead” projects and will avoid the duplication of any workload. SAP SuccessFactors enables individuals and managers to become more productive, by:

  • Understanding clearly specific responsibilities, and tasks of individuals.
  • Eliminate redundancies and ensure precise allocation of labour.
  • will generate an overall staff, and team, focus that can be viewed at any-time, anywhere.


There is a strong correlation between a successful company and an effective goal setting process, and you are the owner of that process. Managers and the entire executive team should be a part of the system to help each employee set goal—thereby, fully engaging your workforce and encouraging everyone across the company to focus and successfully achieve these goals together. Engaged employees not only plan to stick around—helping to lower your recruiting costs—but they are also enthused and motivated to impact your bottom line. During difficult times their energy and effort can help your organisation not simply survive, but thrive. Measuring essential factors that mark the difference between success and failure in specific jobs will allow your organisation to put the right person into every position, allowing them to utilise their talents without limitations – leading to greater job satisfaction, improved morale and employee retention.

  • Create a pay-for-performance culture.
  • Measure specific job satisfaction rates, and understand where individual skills are best allocated.
  • Increase retention and satisfaction rates of your employees (reducing recruitment and training costs).


Your companies productivity and profitability can be a direct result of how your employees perform across the organisation. SAP SuccessFactors can help you to retain your top performers via smart goal alignment, not only that but it will help to reduce recruitment costs, increase profitability, help to create a pay-for-performance structure, increase satisfaction rates of employees, as well as create a direct communication channel between employee and management. With top-down alignment, communicated throughout the organisation, you increase everyone’s ability to cover more ground, faster. It’s the difference between pursuing a path together as a well-oiled machine or as individual parts flying off in multiple directions. software SAP Success Factors

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    software SAP Success Factors

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