Improve Your Talent Acquisition Efficiency

Talent Acquisition

Organizations must quickly adapt to meet new demands faster than ever before. Sourcing the right talent to fill key roles is critical to meet immediate hiring needs. Optimizing your recruiting and onboarding processes in a world that is now largely virtual is essential to achieving those goals.

Here are six questions to consider as you focus on increasing your talent acquisition efficiency.


1 – Are you leveraging innovative methods to align new skillsets needed for critical roles?

Intelligent technologies ensures you create a rich pool of the best talent both within and outside your organization. Intelligent modelling and algorithms can deliver a list of candidates ranked for suitability. With visibility into candidate skillsets, you can then begin to quickly match talent to open positions. You can move beyond simple Boolean searching to gain insights that result from mapping trillions of associations, including skills, across the entire talent pool.


2 – Do you have plans and processes in place to prepare for and manage a sudden surge in applications?

For many recruiters, sourcing critical talent means sorting through a large number of applicants to find the best candidates. Some organizations that are staffing up to meet demand face this challenge today, while many others will confront it once the economic recovery begins. With a talent intelligence platform, recruiters can identify best fit candidates in minutes, eliminating hours of manual search effort. Boosting efficiency for the recruiter means they can spend more time engaging with the best candidates.

3 – Are you able to onboard workers virtually?

Business continuity is a top priority for organizations during disruptive times. In a world where remote work is increasingly the norm, organizations need to think about how best to streamline HR operations while improving the overall candidate and new hire experience. Leveraging electronic signature capabilities enables you to eliminate paper and administration hassles, reduce errors, and increase compliance.


4 – Are you providing cross-boarding experiences that effectively engage employees needing to quickly assume new roles?

As more and more organizations redeploy talent, the need to accelerate time to productivity is critical. Consider providing digital new hire tours that point to relevant content, people and resources necessary to be successful in a new role. Assign buddies that can help address concerns and create an environment where people feel connected, regardless of who or where they are.


5 – Are you able to quickly and efficiently mass hire to meet increased demand?

Organizations that need to hire talent quickly must be able to move candidates through the process in the shortest amount of time. Capabilities that support mass hiring such as mass offer initiation, business rules to automatically progress candidates, and mass onboarding are key to helping you scale hiring.


6 – Are you nurturing passive talent in a way that prepares you for future hiring needs?

With embedded candidate relationship management, recruiters and sourcers can work together to create targeted email campaigns that actively engage all types of candidates. By nurturing candidates in a personalized manner during uncertain times, you can start to build talent pools that will help your organization meet its future talent needs.

Talent Acquisition

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