Increase employee performance with
SAP SuccessFactors

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Increase employee performance

Human Resources as a strategic point in small, medium and large companies is becoming increasingly common, as companies choose People Management Strategies to increase the performance levels of employees. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to attract, develop and retain the best Talents since companies, regardless of their size, are facing unprecedented changes, from the COVID-19 Pandemic, to demographic changes and an aging population . In this article you will understand how to boost the performance of your employees and develop a workforce that is ready for the future, with the help of SAP Success Factors.

Increase employee performance

Goals Management

Goals Management allows all Employees of the company to alert their managers about the progress of their tasks and activities, thus contributing to an optimized performance.

  • Goals management is now more critical than ever. With SAP SuccessFactors it is possible to create goals instantly, with recommendations from the Goal Library (more than 500 SMART goals available)
  • Performance effort updated continuously, which can be commented with resources such as Goal Management through a mobile application.
  • More control for managers over the execution of goals, with the ability to define them and compare performance.

Main features:

  • Goals Categories – Facilitates the organization and the global visualization, as well as the monitoring of goals.
  • Goals alignment – Promotes organizational goals in all business units, departments and work groups. It allows cascading visualization of the goals of the main business strategies and individual objectives.
  • “SMART” Goal Assistant – Gives the user step-by-step guidance on how to create “specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound” goals (SMART).
  • Objectives Library – Includes over 500 function-specific objectives, ready to use, based on research and industry experience.
  • Group objectives and team objectives – Allows the existence of a common objective among several employees, who can contribute to its execution in a unified manner. The main difference between group and team goals is that everyone who shares the group goal is responsible for achieving it; however, the person who assigns the team’s goals only monitors them, but does not share the responsibility for achieving them.
  • Initiatives – Allows the creation of initiatives by department or corporate, to which users can actively associate their personal goals.
  • Highlighting the alignment of goals – Total visibility of the team, from the most strategic to the most tactical goal.
  • Panel and highlights – Offers managers and leaders the visibility of how the organization is progressing in relation to the goals, in order to accompany all employees in the execution of the business strategy.
  • Objectives feedback and notifications – Allows managers and employees to have a collaborative and segmented online dialogue about objectives and the best way to achieve them. Feedback recipients can also receive notifications in real time if someone comments on their goal plan.
  • Reports – Create and run reports and find out, for example, the number of departments that have aligned goals with broader corporate initiatives or assess the rate of completion of a goal in one or more divisions of the organization.

Performance evaluations

Effective management of employee performance is extremely critical. If the company faces fierce competition and has limited budgets, it must be rigorous and focused on delivering a fair and equitable assessment that recognizes and enhances the improvement of the workforce. The path to success for any company is through a workforce that understands the strategic objectives of the business and that these can be adjusted as business needs evolve. With SAP SuccessFactores Performance & Goals, your organization can guarantee the alignment of strategies and objectives, continuously improve the performance of the workforce (through training and continuous feedback), in addition to evaluating and recognizing the main talents.

A correct performance appraisal allows you to display a comprehensive performance summary that shows the feedback obtained by employees. This technology allows obtaining better quality assessments, promoting a faster adoption of improvements by the employee and, also, increasing completion rates through a simple and engaging experience for employees. Effective performance reviews allow companies to achieve greater balance and a complete view of employee performance, through the tools, “Request feedback” and 360-degree analysis. Using these performance evaluations, it is easy to identify employees with significant performance disparities.

Continuous performance management

Continuous Performance Management is a solution that allows you to obtain quick feedback on the performance of employees through frequent and structured dialogues. This functionality is available over the web and also in the SAP SuccessFactors application for iPhone, iPad and Android (subject to standard mobile application terms and conditions, as applicable).

360 degree ratings/evaluation

360-degree assessments allow companies to collect feedback on the performance and behavior of their employees. Quantitative and qualitative data from 360 Development Surveys and Assessments, with various evaluators, can be collected and displayed graphically by various categories.

  • 360 development research – Provides employees with a balanced view of their strengths and weaknesses.

Main features:

  • Support for internal and external evaluators – Incorporates feedback from teammates, managers, direct reports and external elements, such as customers or partners. An attribution tool also allows managers to select the evaluation criteria for each reviewer.
  • Configurable workflow – The workflow engine can mirror an organization-specific process and send email notifications.
  • Detailed reporting – Helps reveal hidden strengths and weaknesses.
  • Writing assistant – Helps reviewers to write concise and meaningful comments.

Performance Calibration

Calibration helps bring objectivity to performance, retribution and succession decisions:

Main features:

  • Visual comparison of employees – Allows you to view the classification elements through different comparative matrices.
  • Comprehensive view – Allows you to select from four different data sources (performance, pay, succession, talent profile) to calibrate ratings.
  • Guided Calibration – Supports “drag & drop” to calibrate employees.
  • Calibration panels – simple graphics with an aggregate view of the specific subset of employees being calibrated.
  • Calibration configuration and administration – Allows you to configure the calibration and manage security through simple clicks. Also, you can select people within an organization chart; and specify distribution curve guidelines.
  • Executive reviews – provides HR and business executives with visibility into the aggregate behavior of all sessions. It will enable you analyzing the company’s calibration results.

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Increase employee performance Increase employee performance

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