Introduction to Safe O'Clock Smart
Cybersecurity Platform

Cybersecurity software

Why? What? How?

Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform it’s a solution that changes the way you work with SAP Cybersecurity. This innovative solution contains more than a decade of SAP Cybersecurity experience and includes everything you need to Assess, Manage and Respond to SAP issues.

Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform consists of many functional elements grouped into 3 modules. For convenient work with the Platform, each module is divided into several components, which include various tools and dashboards with information about the current security state of the SAP landscape. And with the help of the flexible role model, you can grant access to any of these components according to users’ duties.

To simplify the use of this product, we introduce you to our core idea – a 3-step approach “Why? What? How?”. With this approach, you will be able to answer three fundamental questions:

  • WHY do you want to use Safe O’Clock Smart Cybersecurity Platform: do you want to Assess the security of a landscape?
  • WHAT exactly do you need to analyze?
  • HOW do you want your results to be presented?


There are 3 modules, which can help you to achieve your goals:

  • Assess Module – Predicting Attacks
    • Understand your Assets and their Issues;
    • Can be used by penetration testers, auditors, security engineers and BASIS teams;
  • Manage Module – High-level Analysis and Monitoring;
    • Understand global picture (Compliances, Landscape), look at the details, analyze KPIs
    • Can be used by CISO, CIO, CRO, Engineers and Managers;
  • Respond Module – Incident Response
    • Helps to react to changes and malicious events;
    • Can be used by SOC team.



The answer on the question ‘What?’ will help you find the exact Component in the particular Module. Each of the Platform components will help you solve a particular Issue. Lets suppose you want to scan your ERP-landscape on the presence of Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations. To do it, go to the Assess module. The Assess module consists of 3 components: Projects, Policies, and Assets. Using these components, you can configure Assets and Policies for Project, as well as launch scanning of the Landscape. Thus, by selecting these components, you will answer the second question and solve the issue.


It is well-known that different people prefer different ways of consuming data. Some people prefer analyzing dry data and view detailed reports, some people prefer using multiple diagrams and charts with summary information, and others need both variants listed above to make it easier to transfer information for further analysis. For such cases, there are many different panels in the Platform specially developed for convenient data analysis. Also, to simplify work with information, Platform has different filters, data sorting, search and ability to configure tables.

Cybersecurity software

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