06 Aug: Abaco Consultores: internationalization in expansion

Abaco Consultores is one of the biggest Portuguese companies of SAP ERP systems implementation. With offices in Portugal and Brazil, projects across several European and North African countries, and more than 180 active customers, the company now intends to expand its internationalization and release its new business line, EDGE, in foreign markets.

Abaco Consultinh Hungary Mozambique

20 Mar: Ábaco participates in an event to find opportunities in two different markets: Hungary and Mozambique

AICEP Portugal continues to tour the country with its “Global Roadshow 2015”. The 6th edition of the event was held on March 18th in the city of Viseu – in partnership with the region’s Business Association – and, once again, was attended by Ábaco Consultores. This time around AICEP entrepreneurs gathered to talk about the potential markets of Hungary and Mozambique.

SAP EC&O Abaco Consulting

12 Mar: Ábaco introduces SAP EC&O in Angola

Abaco Consultores was in Angola to participate in the event “The Construction Sector’s Agenda from 2015 to 2017”, where we presented SAP’s EC&O solution: specific for the engineering and construction area.