Do you have a clear view of your entire business operation? Are you seeking greater control and knowledge of your operations so that you can make better informed decisions? Let’s dive into SAP Analytics Cloud and review how this technology can optimise your Finance operations across the entire organisation. 



Financial planning can often consist of heavy mistakes and undetermined/unrealistic results. There are often issues within financial planning including:

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting

Financial Planning has become critical to the running of a successful businesses, from practical decision making to investments – this can cause business owners a great deal of stress. SAP has set about making Financial Planning simple and effective. A huge part of using SAP Analytics Cloud is that you can really optimise and strategise your financial planning process. You can effectively simplify the financial planning process for all business areas and level with integrated planning functionality.

  • Plan for the future by using real-time integrated forecasts.
  • Automatically spot trends/anomalies etc.
  • Increase data accuracy, by decreasing human error by using SMART technology.

SAP Analytics Cloud Empowers Your Business To:

  • Save on costs with a single platform for both planning and business intelligence
  • Streamline business processes using built-in collaboration tools
  • Increase financial planning accountability across all areas of your business
  • Tackle planning challenges with scalable insights and real-time metrics
  • Leverage predictive analytics through what-if scenarios and predictive forecasting
  • Access planning data anytime, anywhere, in the cloud



The first thing to understand with SAP Analytics Cloud is that you will have to determine a strategy in how you want your finance to be ordered and analysed. Importing business data is one of the first things that you will need to do once having hold of the system, a Planning Model is a representation of your business data. Hierarchal relationships between accounts will be created, along with currencies, organisational structure, account types etc. This will provide you with the basics of your Analytics Cloud Financial Forecasting. Once your model is defined, you’ll complete the process by importing data, you can then add different versions of your data, i.e. Forecasting, budgeting etc.



Traditional reporting process are often inconsistent, cumbersome, and lengthy. In some cases, these complicated processes result in lost opportunities and are detrimental to business. SAP Analytics cloud integrates planning, analysis, and reporting on a single dashboard – a story (a collection of pages of tables/charts/graphs based on planning and analytics models).

You can use this to:

  • Modify data values by typing new values, copy and paste, or through direct entry by %
  • Create allocation rules without requiring complex script-based modeling
  • Set up reporting formulas
  • Perform simple or advanced calculations
  • Define KPI thresholds to add conditional formatting to charts and graphs
  • Use filters to drill down to the level of a single data point

This technology can give you a 40% increase in the faster generation of financial statements.



Collaboratively plan across the business with one simple application that brings planning and analytics together to help everyone make better decisions.

  • Analyse, plan, predict, and report all in one place to save time and better support the business. Plan and analyse directly within your enterprise solution for instant insight to action, and visualise performance metrics and adjust drivers on screen to simulate the impact of decisions.
  • Discover top influencers of performance without having to look for and predict future values to save time and improve results. Augment manual insights with embedded intelligence for better, data-driven decisions, and ask questions in natural language to get the answers you need.
  • Use an integrated planning and analysis platform for SAP S/4HANA to act in the moment with transactions, analytics, and planning all in one solution. Spend less time on transactional work and more time delivering instant value-added insights.
  • Discuss plans in context for increased accountability – and interact on screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going. By crowdsourcing plans and budgets across the business, you can increase engagement and accuracy.



SAP Analytics Cloud supports top-down and bottom-up planning, whilst managing a single flow of data across the platform – so consistent and reliable information can travel effectively across the entity of the business. This process will help support long-term planning and predictive forecasting. This Analytics platform makes it simple for

stakeholders to discuss plans in context while you keep accountability transparent.

Collaboration features give individuals the ability to:

  • Start discussions with individuals or groups
  • Access discussions from anywhere in the workspace
  • Comment on individual visualizations
  • Assign tasks & send reminders to team members



Forecasts use historical data, predictive forecasting, planning models/ functions such as spreading, distributions/allocations. When setting up your forecast, you decide how many periods you want to forecast for and what historical data to take into account.

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