Retail Industry and ERP: Increase your
business sales and margins

Industria do retalho e erp

IRetail Industry

Consumer goods companies, like retailers, increasingly feel the need to reinvent their business in order to remain competitive and be able to keep up with current market trends and requirements.

This growing concern is mainly due to changes in society’s behavior towards consumption, excess production capacity, pressure on margins, the increasing focus on the customer and their respective interests and the increasing inspection.

It is therefore crucial, now more than ever, to know not only the Customer, but also their consumption habits, in order to be able to direct the product and offers to the right target audience and, consequently, increase sales and the margins of your business. It is estimated that by 2020, your company’s customers will start to manage 85% of their relationships online.

In this sense, through a modern management system, covering different situations, the industry will be able to clearly optimize its operations, reduce costs and bet on differentiation and diversification, thus increasing service levels and reducing resources.

As a consequence of the fast pace of evolution of requirements and interactions with customers, there is a visible pressure for retailers to adapt new strategies to their business. And, for that, Abaco has a wide range of SAP solutions that allow it to deliver to its customers strategies, processes and technologies, fitted to their requirements and that will allow them to optimize and streamline their operations.

At Abaco we have a highly specialized team, with proven experience in SAP implementations in the Retail sector: hiring and acquisition, inbound logistics, manufacturing, outbound logistics, marketing, sales and services, among others. We provide a set of integrated applications with smart technologies and a digital platform for retailers to adopt innovative business models and, at the same time, provide personalized customer experiences, anywhere and anytime.

We deliver “on-time & on-budget” projects, guaranteeing customers an innovative, competitive and profitable vision.

Retail Industry

suporte SAP

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