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SAP recently announced a new offering it calls ‘RISE with SAP,’ a solution that is meant to help the company’s customers go through their respective digital transformations and become what SAP calls ‘intelligent enterprises.’

The “Rise with SAP” package – subscription service that combines a set of services and product – offers to the “customers at all stages of digital transformation a completely new way to redesign processes for better business outcomes”, according to a company statement.

RISE with SAP is the first chapter of a broader plan to move customers to the cloud. Last year, SAP outlined a sweeping plan to move to one data structure and aggressively move customers from licenses to cloud subscriptions.

Here’s what RISE with SAP will include:

  • Business process redesign including recommendations, benchmarks, best practices, and simulations of transformation.
  • Robotics process automation and artificial intelligence services will be embedded into workflows.
  • Tools and technical migration services to the cloud via multiple providers.
  • More than 2,200 APIs to integrate systems.
  • One semantic data layer.
  • Prebuilt SaaS and platform offerings with the ability to customize by industry.
  • S4/HANA Cloud connectivity to business networks, assets, logistics and supply chain. SAP contends that digital business transformation is about networks as much as technology.
  • S4/HANA Cloud that can be used in private or public cloud deployments.

With RISE with SAP, the company is taking more control of the customer relationship as well as establishing a long-term engagement revolving around business transformation. “We are going to offer new technologies and understand new ways to run the business and deliver data to value,” explained Denecken, chief operating officer of S/4HANA and head of product success at SAP. “Business transformation will be different by client but we will support them through transformation that is constant.”

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