SAP AMS: Abaco Consulting as your
strategic nearshore partner


SAP Application Management Services (AMS) is a service provided by Abaco Consulting to outsource the company’s SAP enterprise application support, offering IT and application management expertise to other companies.


Our SAP AMS services includes:

  • Abaco ASSIST | Corrective but also preventive and evolutionary support.
    Preferred for corrective but also preventive and evolutionary support, this service is based on the availability and multidisciplinary of an appropriate and adjusted team of specialists. Ensures timely support through the urgency of the problem, sustained by a set of processes and procedures regarding the quality and efficiency of the service.


  • ABACO EVOLUTE | Strategic evolution of the platform and its adoption of solutions.
    This service includes a series of recommendations inherent to a strategic evolution of the platform and its adoption of solutions. It is a value-added service regarding the smooth functioning and updating of the technical platform.

Abaco EVOLUTE service can be provided as follows:

  • T&M Scheme: An indicative effort estimate is provided which may be adjusted according to the complexity of the solution and with the prior agreement of the Customer.
  • Fixed Price Scheme: A closed price proposal is prepared, identifying the scope and value of the proposed services
  • ABACO BASIS MONITORING | From simple system monitoring to a complete delivery of system management
    Abaco Basis Monitoring service enables a wide range of services, from simple system monitoring, to complete delivery of system management with the following aspects:
    • Preventive management and monitoring activities;
    • Operational support activities;
    • Evolutionary activities;
    • Prevention 24 * 7;
    • Alarmistic.


But why should you choose Abaco Consulting as your strategic nearshore partner?

The reasons are simple:

  • Nearshore Center located in Portugal
    • Central Europe Proximity;
    • Strategic Location;
    • Time zone GMT + 1;
    • Favourable socioeconomic framework for
    • business development, due to social stability;
    • Peaceful labour environment;


  • Costs
    • Competitive Context Costs;
    • Fiscal Incentives;
    • Job creation incentives;
    • R&D incentives;


  • Skills
    • High number of graduates;
    • Good command of languages (EN, SP, FR);
    • Good level of academic qualifications;
    • Ability to solve new problems;
    • Commitment to work;
    • Cultural affinity and easy inter-personal relations;
    • Great capacity to adapt and willingness to work
    • in multicultural environment;


Abaco Consulting is specialized in SAP AMS, with 16 years of experience in international markets. We have solutions adapted to the realities of companies of any size and industry. Get in touch with Abaco!

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