SAP Analytics Cloud
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SAP Analytics Cloud

What is SAP Analytics Cloud and why should it be something to be interested in? SAP Analytics Cloud is an analytics tool that enables you to simplify data to the cloud, where it can then help the decision making process. Discover, analyse, plan, predict, and collaborate in one integrated experience designed expressly for the cloud. Access all data and embed analytics directly into business processes to turn instant insight into quick action, Key Features Include:

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time analytics
  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Collaboration tools


SAP Analytics has key features that includes:

Business Intelligence

Get real-time insights and explore data with self-service data discovery features. Deliver accurate, consistent data with native connectivity and tools for data governance. Cloud-based authoring lets you gain business insight directly from a Web browser – eliminating the need to install new software on your desktop. Data connectors provide hybrid data access to your most critical data sources, including SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Analytics solutions, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, and non-SAP applications. Filter and drill into data to get quick answers to business questions. Build insightful data visualisations, business intelligence dashboards, and storyboards that engage and inspire your audience. Best practices and proven design standards help you create clear communications. Built-in social collaboration tools help you intuitively work and share information with others – with no need to switch to another screen or application. Social collaboration tools help you speed time to action.

Planning and Analysis

Plan across the business with one simple planning platform for everyone. Take advantage of advanced visualisation, built-in collaboration and embedded intelligence for better data-driven decisions. Discuss plans in context for increased accountability – and interact on screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going. By crowdsourcing plans and budgets across the business, you can increase engagement and accuracy. Become intelligent and Discover top influencers of performance without having to look for and predict future values to save time and improve results. Augment manual insights with embedded intelligence for better, data-driven decisions, and ask questions in natural language to get the answers you need.

Predictive Analysis

Use in-memory technology from SAP HANA and guided machine learning to uncover relevant predictive insights and assess future outcomes – both live and in the moment. Discover the key influencers behind your KPIs and run powerful simulations. Using the predictive functionality of Smart Discovery, you can gain decision-making clarity, make more-informed choices, and take action. You can also share insights with your colleagues quickly and easily. Uncover contributing factors to your data points using natural language and visual explanations. By activating Smart Insights, you can quickly develop a clear understanding of even the most complex aspects of your data. Create clusters of comparable data points automatically, based on selected information. You can specify the number of groups or ask Smart Assist to recommend the right number. Use this feature to identify customer groups, perform behavioural segmentation, and categorise inventory.


Understand your company data at a glance, with the use of visual charts to help decision makers make informed, smart choices. Visual analytics can help you to quickly answer your key business questions. But, in order analyse your business data, you’ll have to collect some first. Typically, businesses collect massive amounts of data from a variety of sources such as point of sale, HR, marketing, and procurement, just to name a few. However, once this has been collected (with the help from Analytics Cloud) it is easy to read, ensuring it is available to all required employees from laptops, mobiles and tablets (in real-time data), from the shop-floor to the boardroom.


The first step in gaining insights from Analytics Cloud is to connect the data you’ve collected about your business to the software.Once your data is connected, you will then be able to create a model, this model is a clean and defined version of your raw data, and it will be the basis of your analysis. Data appears in SAP Analytics cloud in rows and columns, just like in a spreadsheet. At the very least, your model will define each column of data as either a dimension or a measure. However, a model can be much more complex depending on its purpose and how it was made. In Analytics Cloud, more complex models are created using the Modeler.


The key benefits to SAP’s Analytics Cloud include:

1. Analytics Re-Imagined: Empower your business with trusted, secure, self-serve analytics. Deliver consistent, accurate insight to the business – conveniently accessible in the cloud.

2. Simplified planning: Eliminate separate reporting and analytics tools, planning products, and spreadsheets with one cloud solution for collaborative business planning.

3. Cloud analytics beyond bias: Experience smart technology that automatically analyses data, revealing key influencers in natural language and supporting what-if scenarios and simulations.

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