SAP BTP, The Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP BTP Platform

To help companies achieve agility and business value through continual innovation, we’re introducing SAP® Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), which:

  • Supports integration, creation of value from data, and extensibility of SAP and third-party application and data assets
  • Provides technology access with ease of use, a simpler and harmonized experience, and a focus on rapid business innovation
  • Brings together existing solutions with new development services, including low-code and no-code and marketplace capabilities
  • Handles technology complexities and offers flexibility and choice, supporting on-premise, hybrid, and cloud scenarios


Comprehensive Technology Features

SAP BTP capabilities are built into many cloud solutions from SAP. The platform helps enterprises meet their industry and customer needs in four market categories:



What Makes SAP BTP Different?

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Challenges of Digital Transformation


  • Complex, hybrid IT landscapes
  • Limited usability of large data volumes
  • Pressure to innovate due to volatile markets and evolving digital business models


Value drivers

  • Process and data integration
  • Value from data
  • Extensibility and innovation + Expanded ecosystem access


SAP BTP Capabilities

Accelerate Outcomes and Catalyze Business Value

SAP BTP helps companies thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape by:

  • Enabling process and data integration
  • Creating value from data
  • Simplifying extensibility and innovation


Enable Process and Data Integration

SAP BTP helps companies integrate their processes and data with the following key features and strategic qualities:

  • Joint suite qualities across applications – Including a harmonized look and feel, consistent security and identify management, and full process blueprints for accelerated implementation
  • Support for integration for custom scenarios – Using SAP Integration Suite, a hybrid integration layer that connects and contextualizes processes and data and includes more than 2,000 prebuilt integration packs that reduce development time and costs
  • Consistent access to data objects – With foundational services that help companies build secure, scalable applications and enable communication between applications, such as with SAP One Domain Model and SAP Graph software, creating a harmonized view of data in context


Create Value from Data

SAP BTP helps companies gain customized insights in a business context using the following capabilities:

  • Data in context – With semantic data management capabilities that help companies break down data silos and store, process, use, and make sense of data from offerings such as the SAP HANA® Cloud database and the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Data Intelligence Cloud solutions; also includes embedded planning capabilities that work with live, current data
  • Prebuilt analytics content – Including planning, business intelligence, and predictive forecasting functionalities to facilitate rapid decision-making and transactional consistency Access to third-party data providers and ultimately our vision
    for a data marketplace – Using data management capabilities from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to virtually access data from both SAP and third-party sources


Simplify Extensibility and Innovation

To help companies cope with a scarcity of developers and specialized IT resources, SAP BTP offers capabilities that democratize process improvements and extensions, including:

  • Development efficiency and flexible tooling for everyone – By offering support for cloud-native development concepts, compatibility with hyperscaler services, low-code and no-code tooling options, and straightforward access to prebuilt business content from SAP and our partners
  • Enterprise AI capabilities – Infusing purpose-built, trustworthy AI into applications and business processes at scale using both pretrained and trainable models, which are embedded natively but also available for customers and partners to build extensions
  • Catalysts for data-driven business improvement – Combining workflow automation, work management, and robotic process automation with business process intelligence solutions from SAP for fast insights and tailored recommendations for improvements



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