SAP BW/4HANA - The Next Generation Data
Warehouse for the Digital Enterprise




The emerging reality for organizations occurs against a rapidly changing data landscape. Organizations, their customers, and their competitors all access and leverage more data, more rapidly than in the recent past. It’s unavoidable. Fully structured, transactional data from traditional organizations’ systems is joined by a new influx of social and other customer behavioral data as well as massive volumes of sensor and other machine data from the Internet of Things (IoT). And the data is everywhere – in our systems, in the cloud  and in devices at our fingertips.


SAP BW/4HANA is a new, next-generation data warehouse product from SAP that, like SAP S/4HANA, is optimized for the SAP HANA platform, including inheriting the high performance, simplicity, and agility of SAP HANA. It delivers real-time, enterprise-wide analytics that minimize the movement of data. Also, it can connect the data in an organization into a single, logical view, including new data types and sources.

Organizations now have a data warehousing solution that can meet their current and future business needs. Handling more data, from more sources to deliver the solutions that increase an organization’s success.

This solution, combined with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP HANA platform, delivers traditional data warehousing, such as operational reporting and historical analysis, and is also designed for the future – logical data warehouse, Internet of Things, and data lakes.

It combines with SAP S/4HANA to meet your operational and historical analytics needs using the same data as your applications, so you are always using fresh data.

With a logical data warehouse approach that leverages smart data integration, it eliminates duplication and expensive data movement to connect the data silos in your organization.

 Leveraging the SAP HANA platform’s streaming analytics, SAP BW/4HANA can handle the volume and velocity from the Internet of Things.


Key Capabilities

Accelerates open data warehousing development

SAP BW/4HANA couples a modern approach to data modeling with a dramatically simplified set of data warehouse objects and simplified governance to enable agile data warehouse development, delivering business insights in real time. Business applications can leverage a pre-built data warehouse or an SQL-based development environment that works seamlessly with other SQL-based solutions to deliver real-time results.
You can easily expose SAP BW/4HANA models as native SAP HANA views, and you can build your own SAP HANA models on top of the SAP BW/4HANA models. You have the option of working with SAP HANA in BW mode or in native SQL mode.

Offers a unique, modern interface

This solution delivers a usercentric, visually simplified interface. This improves the productivity of users, designers, and administrators, therefore enabling faster solution development to improve business agility. The interface is seamless with SAP HANA on premise, and Web-based for cloud deployments

Is built for cloud and on-premise deployments

The SAP BW/4HANA is built for cloud and on-premise deployments to manage better and in a more agile manner and prepare businesses for the best options in the market. It is available on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as well as partner clouds such as Amazon Web Services

Provides advanced multi-temperature management options

SAP BW/4HANA leverages SAP HANA data lifecycle features by allowing automatic distribution of data to hot and warm storage areas. Multi-temperature storage options lower the total cost of ownership, optimize management of data, and improve query response time for data warehouses.

  • Easy to set up and significantly reduced administration effort
  • Support for all SAP HANA features for operations, updates, and data management
  • Dynamic data distribution by age, data values, and more

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