SAP HANA Power and Performance on the Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud is a cloud-native, in-memory database that provides real-time access to any data through a single virtualized access point. It will reducing data redundancies and inconsistencies. SAP HANA Cloud provides easy replication of on-premise data sources, managed centrally to discover, refine, and enrich data across your entire data landscape. This solution features an automated, embedded data lake capability to provide data tiering as a single service, reducing TCO. Additionally, out-of-the-box connectors offer an end-to-end view of the data landscape, delivering data for analytics, planning, predictive, and machine learning. SAP HANA Cloud features security and high availability while integrating data from across the enterprise. It includes on-premise, non-SAP, and cloud sources, accelerating time to insight.


Activate | Build solutions with a modern architecture

Activate: Intelligent enterprises act with live intelligence using a data solution based on a modern architecture. SAP HANA Cloud is a solution that delivers scalability, speed, and flexibility—all with elastic pricing to adapt to your changing needs and in-memory processing to reduce your response time from hours to seconds. Store and process any type of business data, including spatial, graph, hierarchy, document, and SQL, perform advanced analytics on live transactions without tuning your machine learning models, and use advanced analytics to build custom applications on high data volumes.


Integrate | Simplify the data landscape while accessing all your data from a single solution

Intelligent enterprises simplify their data landscape by accessing data from a single solution. SAP HANA Cloud allows for a true integrated multi-cloud experience, with built-in services to develop intelligent applications and tools both. Utilize distributed data (on SAP and non-SAP systems) for intelligent data discovery and relationships. Handle any size or type of data with multiple integrated storage options: hot, warm, or cold for data tiering. Central data management allows you to discover, refine, and enrich any type, variety, or volume in real-time while eliminating middleware.


Trust | Rely on data to make critical business decisions

Intelligent enterprises trust business-ready information as they rely on data to make their most important decisions. Eliminate data silos and data sprawl by using only one instance of data for both transactional and analytical scenarios, and access secure, correct data every time with business semantics. Utilize enterprise-grade security, privacy, and anonymization support with proven reliability, and extend application and platform services with SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite.


Extend | Extend with SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite

Intelligent enterprises extend their capabilities with flexible and adaptable cloud services. SAP HANA Cloud allows your business to try out SAP HANA Cloud within your existing Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA). You can use different cloud service providers for hosting through Cloud Foundry and deploy multiple service capabilities, including development, operation, business, and platform services.


SAP HANA Cloud is an in-memory cloud database as a service that provides one source of streamlined business data.

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