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SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics

SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics provides workforce intelligence and collaborative planning, augmented with the power of predictive analytics and machine learning.


Presently the value Human Resources (HR) provides has never been more important. Things like how people work, skills that are needed, and employee well-being are all top of mind for every business leader. At the same time, successful organizations must tap into the full potential of their employees while meaningfully connecting them to the company’s purpose and mission. It is crucial that the HR organization can identify and close gaps in the workforce and measure the impact of its people initiatives on business results.

But companies face an inherent gap between vision and execution confounded by human bias— when you don’t trust your data you turn to instinct which can include unconscious bias. Or delayed insights—when organizations don’t have current data it can lead to poor decisions based on stale data. And finally, lack of clear next steps makes it nearly impossible for your organization to execute and turn your plans into action.

In detail a modern, digital HR organization steps beyond the automation of HR processes and operations and takes a strategic approach, starting with business challenges, identifying workforce drivers and measures that impact results, and engaging the total workforce. Through digital transformation, HR can bridge the gap to help drive the leadership agenda.


Strengthen your leadership

SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics improves your ability to lead your workforce, manage change, and drive results. We do this with powerful, personalized insights that influence decisions and stimulate action for your entire workforce.

With SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics you can:

  • Clearly communicate with compelling stories and visualizations that show how and where your workforce impacts business results
  • Accelerate decision-making with meaningful, easy-to-comprehend analytics leveraging data, metrics and benchmarks from HR and talent management processes
  • Improve collaboration on workforce plans and alignment between HR and finance with what-if scenarios and trend analysis to close operational and strategic talent gaps
  • Reduce risk by automatically and visually revealing hard-to-find data relationships and patterns such as impending turnover among top performers or in the leadership talent pool


Motivate managers

With SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics, managers and HR professionals can sharpen their focus, become more agile, and improve their team and organizational results. The solution gives you the means to:

  • Understand your people and teams better and receive notifications on issues that matter. In particular about absenteeism, attrition and flight risk, goal alignment, proper training, and fair compensation
  • Speed execution with insights anywhere, on any device and leverage SAP SuccessFactors digital assistant to get immediate help and guidance
  • Reduce complexity with smart insights, powered by machine learning, that provide immediate and deeper context to information without the need to build more reports and dashboards


Engage your entire workforce

Every employee can have relevant, timely information at their fingertips to understand what is important and how to improve. This transparency and organizational alignment fosters engagement and enables every person in the organization to:

  • Understand their work contributions and impact by tracking progress to completion and adapting goals to trigger course-correction
  • Get immediate answers to important personal and financial health questions such as number of vacation days available and take-home salary
  • Leverage intelligent learning, mentoring, and career path recommendations for personalized career development opportunities


Overall, SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce. In other words it helps you identify the leading indicators of organizational effectiveness and formulate action plans to achieve your corporate goals. Consequently, you are part of a great customer community that shares insights, helping you learn and evolve your use of strategic people data.

Together, we will solve your company's challenges!

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