SAP SuccessFactors: Personalized
Employee Experiences

Perhaps no other IT solutions touch as many members of the workforce as HR applications. With such an expansive scope, these solutions must support seamless, personalized interactions that deliver integrated and dynamic experiences for individuals, teams, and your organization. Everything from core HR to recruiting, onboarding, learning, development, succession planning, workforce analytics, employee experience management, performance and goals, and payroll should be linked in continuous and easy experiences that are beneficial to employees. They should also offer interfaces that are simple to use and navigate while positively impacting productivity. The result is a motivated, engaged workforce that directly contributes to your targeted business outcomes.

SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Work Zone for HR drive a streamlined, modern employee experience. These are critical to help you build capabilities for your workforce and to better support remote workers. Whether developing a collaborative and employee-centric intelligent portal that spans your entire enterprise and offers personalized capabilities and services or using prebuilt mobile cards in a secure mobile wallet available for any device, it has never been easier to improve employee experience through innovation with SAP technology. Administrators can create custom mobile cards in a few hours, with no need for development resources, on any data set using OData or REST protocols. With this flexibility, you can build on your mobile strategy and give users quick, real-time insight to information easily.

SAP SuccessFactors solutions

SAP SuccessFactors solutions offer role-based experiences that make work more enjoyable. Our design approach extends across all devices for all users. Through partnerships with Apple and Google, we have redesigned our iOS and Android mobile apps to enable intuitive, transformative experiences with quick access to the most relevant data that workers need to do their jobs. Whether you choose iOS, Android, SAP Fiori®, or SAP Web IDE, our tools make it simple to build a beautiful, engaging, and consistent customer, user, or employee experience. SAP Cloud Platform integrates backend processes and delivers a high-quality mobile experience consistent with your other channels.

These solutions deliver consistent, cohesive employee experiences  while meeting unique regulatory requirements in each market. Data security is one of the top issues facing business leaders and CIOs, and the cloud is no exception. The stakes are high in today’s environment of global connectivity, with steep penalties for noncompliance as well as the potential for lost customer trust. More than 100 countries around the world have already put legislation in place to protect data privacy. While there are similarities to these laws, there is also a multitude of different requirements, penalties, and interpretations. This makes data protection and privacy both a highly complex and critically important topic for organizations.


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