Supply Chain KPI dashboard

Supply Chain KPI

Every organization that wants to organize and manage their supply chain metrics must deploy some key performance measurement systems; this is because the average metrics needed for managing and measuring the success of an organization’s supply chain system varies by industry, company, and scale of business.

From finance, productivity, product life cycle, and quality, measuring supply chain performance is essential for every organization that wants to achieve long term and short term goals. In addition, it is important to remember that the lack of a collaborative framework to house metrics will greatly increase the likelihood that a company’s performance measurement system (PMS) will provide inadequate management support, and that resources will be wasted on developing duplicate, unaligned, and even conflicting metrics. Therefore, every organization must identify and implement the right strategies for the overall improvement of their supply chain’s performance.

Why YourAnalytics Supply Chain KPIs Dashboard?

Make faster decisions

This solution package contains a range of KPIs targeted for Supply Chain industry, allowing its users to achieve quick and solid results through informative and engaging dashboards. This package contains attractive dashboards with Logistics KPI’s. This story has Supply Chain KPI’s like % of Deliveries and Collections on time and not on time. Data acquisition for the KPI`s for Logistics Supply Chain Industry are based on Excel files.

Machine learning technology

Smart technology that analyzes data automatically, allow what-if scenarios and suggest a set of KPIs based on your data.

Optimization of Analysis Time

Self-service and collaborative functionalities allow users to optimize analysis time and take actions faster.

Smart insights

Discover insights of your data, at any level of detail, to help understanding better your business.

Monitoring your business

Among the many possibilities available, the most prevalent control panels for the Supply Chain solution package are% of Deliveries and Collections on time and not on time.



Simplify and share your data

It allows graphical analysis with progress, induces a faster decision-making process and has the functionality to share data quickly.

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