Transformation of Digital Supply
for Peak Performance

Digital Supply Chains

Logistics move between ever-changing consumer behavior, increasingly complex business processes, and relentlessly volatile production operations. In the days of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, a high degree of flexibility and speed is expected from the logistics sector. Also, companies are challenged to improve the networking of people, processes, and systems and create transparency across the entire digital supply chain. Furthermore, the integration of intelligent technologies with logistics processes is becoming a more standard.

In general, the high demands on logistics operations call for reimagination, innovation, and digital transformation. Organizations should connect across departmental and functional silos, integrate and connect processes seamlessly, provide data in real time, and integrate intelligent capabilities into logistics processes. For logistics, these tactics deliver a global overview of logistical processes, as well as the entire logistics network. Meanwhile, data management is optimized, advanced technologies such as the IoT and cyber-physical capabilities are used, and even collective intelligence through collaborative networking is a significant benefit. Also, logistics processes and systems continue to be tightly interlocked with manufacturing fulfillment processes and systems.
In effect, to meet and exceed demanding customer expectations, a digital twin of the end-to-end supply chain – from design, planning, and manufacturing to logistics and ongoing maintenance – is necessary.

With integrated business planning and logistics solutions, companies can create a mirror of their supply chain by:

  • Gaining better visibility into the supply chain and essential information to make the right operating and strategic decisions;
  • Listening consistently to customers and employees while remaining open to new ideas and innovations;
  • Taking every opportunity to improve digital logistics operations business-wide;

Digital Supply Chains

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