Transforming the Automotive Aftersales
business with Extended Service Parts Planning

Extended Service Parts Planning (eSPP) provides automotive aftersales businesses a network-based planning for complex and high-volume processes. The solution helps companies get the right parts, in the right place, at the right time to optimize their inventory level, make confident decisions, and drive customer satisfaction.

What does S/4HANA extended Service Parts Planning help automotive customers do?

Demand Planning

  • Capture and manage demand
  • Network-based planning for volume intense and complex service parts planning processes
  • Forecasting for frequent and sporadic demands
  • Forecast calculation for individual warehouses and on aggregated level for the entire distribution network

Inventory planning and balancing

  • Stocking & destocking decision for each location within the planning network (or similar)
  • Multi-level inventory optimization with IBP Inventory
  • Safety stock level calculation
  • Achieve high customer service level at low stockholding cost throughout the entire network
  • Automatic determination of the material assortment within the distribution network

Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring

  • Leverage HANA database to perform real-time analytics
  • Analyze and simulate data in real-time
  • Use Planner´s worklist to get transparency on inventory levels, alerts and critical situation in the Supply Chain
  • Access Demand and Forecasting data for real-time analytics

Operational planning with procurement integration

  • Determines net requirements for all warehouses of the network
  • Distribution decisions occur throughout the network
  • Distribution requirements calculation for product replacements decisions
  • Optimizes procurement & distribution of Service Parts

Planning integration with order fulfillment and execution

  • Calculate forecast demand based on actual customer demand and historic data
  • Manage complex parts supersession in all planning and fulfillment processes
  • Native integration with SAP’s Supply Chain Execution providing warehousing and transportation capabilities in one system holistically.

Fair share allocation

  • Calculate distribution quantities on the basis of fair share rules and demand priorities


What are the benefits?

  • Plan service parts strategically and effectively by calculating trade-offs between costs and service.
  • Increase service-parts velocity by making distribution decisions based on visibility across the network.
  • Built-in integration with fulfillment, procurement, transportation & warehousing processes in SAP S/4HANA; single supply chain data model for planning and execution.
  • Plan high number of different finished goods with complex supersession.
  • Providing transparency and real-time insight into the physical inventory within the distribution network and allowing for fast efficient decision making

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