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employees performance SAP SuccessFactors

Strategic HR is becoming a common occurrence in medium-large businesses, with a greater number of companies choosing this to drive greater performance levels in their employees. It is now more crucial than it ever has to attract, develop and retain the best people for your company – whilst staying ahead of digital transformations. Companies of all sizes are facing unprecedented changes, from demographic shifts to an ageing population. Stay ahead of the latest trends, news, tools and resources that will help you inspire your people to perform at their best and develop a future-ready workforce.



Continuous Performance Management enables employees to track and update managers on their tasks/activities and topics, to create a more successful manager-employee relationship.

  • With SAP SuccessFactors you can develop goals instantly, with recommendations from the Goal Library of more than 500 SMART Goals.
  • Continuously update performance effort, and comment using features such as Mobile Goal Management.
  • Give managers more control over goal execution with the ability to set goals, and compare performance.

Key Features:

  • Goal Categories – Facilitates to report and track goals and help support the Balanced Scorecard methodology.
  • Align Goals – Fosters organisational objectives throughout business units, departments and workgroups by cascading goals from top business strategies through individual goals and objectives, and by linking goals from one goal plan to another.
  • SMART Goal Wizard – Gives Users step-by-step guidance on how to create SMART goals.
  • Goal Library – Provides over 500 ready-to-use, role-specific goals based on research and industry experience.
  • Group Goals and Team Goals – Allows for a common goal that multiple individuals, as a team, can achieve together. The main difference between group goals and team goals is that everyone sharing the group goal is responsible for achieving it; however, the person assigning the team goals only monitors the goals, but does not share the responsibility of achieving it.
  • Initiatives – Allows creation of departmental, corporate, and division level initiatives, to which the Users can actively associate their personal goals. It greatly helps to work with goals that are specific to departments and divisions.
  • Goal Alignment Spotlight – Provides full line-of-sight visibility from the most strategic goal down to the most tactical one.
  • Dashboard & Spotlights – Gives managers and leaders visibility into how the organisation is progressing against goals, to track whether everyone is executing against the business strategy.
  • Goal Feedback and notifications – Allows a collaborative, threaded online dialogue about goal(s) and how best to achieve it. Recipients of the feedback can also receive real-time notifications if someone comments on their goal plan.
  • Reporting – Create and run reports to learn things such as the number of departments that have aligned goals to broader corporate initiatives, or gauge the completion rate of a goal within one or multiple divisions in an organisation.



Effectively managing employee performance has never been more critical. Your organisation faces fierce competition and limited budgets, and must execute with razor-sharp focus or be left behind. To succeed, you need a workforce that clearly understands the strategic business objectives and can quickly adjust course as business needs evolve. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps your organisation ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance through ongoing coaching and feedback, and accurately evaluate and recognise top talent.

Accurate Performance Assessments enables you to display a comprehensive performance summary that shows the feedback captured on achievements from your employees. This technology enables you to get better quality reviews, promote faster user adoption, and increase completion rates. Accurate Performance Assessments enables companies to capture a more balances and complete view of employee performance with ‘Ask for Feedback’ and 360 degree reviews. Using these performance assessments it is easy to identify bottom and top performers, enabling you to understand where perhaps the company is losing out on business – using the Team Overview option in SuccessFactors. This will become crucial for decision-makers to make fact-based decisions around performance and compensation with Calibration.


Continuous Performance Management

Continuous Performance Management enables quick feedback on work through frequent and structured conversations between employee and manager. A manager can track team members’ progress and offers a simple way to provide coaching advice.  Continuous Performance Management is also available on  iPhone, iPad and Android phones.



360 Degree Reviews helps organisations collect feedback on employee performance and behaviour from everyone, both inside and outside an organisation. Quantitative and qualitative data from 360 Developmental Surveys & Multi-Rater Assessments can be collected and graphically displayed by various categories.

  • 360 Developmental Surveys – Gives employees a balanced view of strengths and weaknesses as perceived by their key constituents both inside and outside an organisation
  • Multirater Assessments – Captures input from multiple raters, including numeric ratings for competencies and objectives.

Key Features

  • Support for Internal & External Raters – Incorporates named or anonymous feedback from peers, managers, direct reports and external constituents, such as customers or partners. An assignment tool also allows managers to select the assessment criteria for each reviewer. Note that external raters providing feedback as described.
  • Configurable Workflow – Workflow engine can mirror an organisation-specific routing process and send email reminders.
  • Detailed Reporting – Helps to reveal any blind spots and hidden strengths.
  • Writing Assistant – Helps raters write concise, meaningful feedback.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration – Enables Outlook reminders so that Users don’t miss a 360 developmental survey or multirater assessment.

employees performance SAP SuccessFactors


Calibration helps to bring objectivity to performance, pay and succession decisions:

Key Features:

  • Visual Comparison of Employees- Allows to view rating elements in bin and matrix grid views; stack rank Users.
  • Comprehensive View- Allows to select from four different data sources (Performance, Compensation, Succession, Talent Profile) to calibrate ratings.
  • GUI-Driven Calibration – Supports drag-and-drop to calibrate Users
  • Calibration Dashboards – Provides simple charts with an aggregate view of the specific subset of Users being calibrated.
  • Calibration Setup & Admin – Allows to set up calibration and manage security through simple clicks; to select people within an organizational chart; and to specify distribution curve guidelines.
  • Executive Reviews – Gives HR visibility into the aggregate of all sessions’ behaviour for analysis of company-wide calibration results. The executive review is usually handy when sessions are in-progress or being finalised.

employees performance SAP SuccessFactors

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