What are the different services of the
Abaco Support Center?

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What are the different services of the Abaco Support Center?

The Abaco Support Center supports customers in resolving incidents and evolving their information systems. There are 3 fundamental services to know.

The Abaco Support Center is one of the services provided by Ábaco, focused on the customer and the resolution of their incidents.

The Abaco Support Center is therefore divided into 3 different service lines: Abaco ASSIST, Abaco EVOLUTE and Abaco SYS. These were created to offer quick and dedicated solutions to each area of activity.

Although it seems like a “standard package”, the truth is that these services, included in the Abaco Support Center, are completely flexible and adaptable to the reality of each customer. In addition to modular, all are interrelated in order to enhance the best that each has to offer.


As its name implies, this service line focuses on support and corrective support to the customer. Based on a multidisciplinary and specialist team in the field, Abaco ASSIST provides the necessary support to any situation and/or incident.

It is in this sense that, first of all, the problem is assessed and measured according to its level of urgency. Only then is a resolution mechanism triggered based on a set of specific and dedicated processes and procedures.


Abaco EVOLUTE was created with the objective of assisting companies in their strategic evolution. In fact, when we talk about customer management, this is one of the most important points in the whole process, since it is responsible for the constant evolution and improvement of each company. Therefore, this service can be provided in two ways:

  • T&M – an estimated effort is provided which can always be adjusted as the complexity of each solution presented. The estimate is, of course, previously agreed with each client;
  • Fixed Price – this proposal is made based on a fixed price, calculated after the evaluation and identification of the problem and the development of the solutions presented.

Abaco SYS

Abaco SYS is a system management and administration service that, in turn, allows for a variety of services suited to each context — such as systems monitoring and total delivery of systems management, with the main aspects:

  • Monitoring and preventive management activities;
    Operational support activities;
    Evolutionary activities;
    Constant and permanently available prevention;

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