What is SAP AMS - Application management Service?

SAP AMS Application management Service

What is SAP AMS – Application management Service?

SAP ERP  is one of the most widely used management software worldwide, with solutions developed for all sizes of companies, regardless of their type of industry. For being integrated, intelligent and centralized, SAP adds numerous benefits to its customers who see their processes improved and automated through this software. But, because it is so comprehensive, SAP client companies need a specialized support and maintenance service (SAP AMS). This service, as a rule, is outsourced largely in part due to the reduction in personnel costs and the existence, in SAP partners, of specialized teams with in-depth knowledge of this software.

Abaco Consulting has an SAP AMS team certified and highly specialized in SAP solutions. Here’s how we can help your company:


SAP AMS: What is it?

SAP AMS – Application Management Services is a service provided by Abaco Consulting for support and maintenance of SAP information systems. Its purpose is preventive, corrective and evolutionary support of all current SAP technologies, such as SAP Hana, SAP Hybris and SAP ERP.

Abaco Consulting provides the SAP AMS service to its clients. We’ve a team of about 65 consultants, in all locations where the company has offices. This team has 100% dedicated consultants, 80% of whom are solution architects, with extensive knowledge in the most varied industries (manufacturing, Engineering & Construction, Food, Automotive, Fashion / Retail, Clothing and Footwear), which allows you to direct the focus to the immediate resolution of problems.


SAP AMS: How does it work?

Abaco’s SAP AMS service responds to a set of guidelines in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. These guidelines are divided into SAP management, maintenance, operation and support. In a first phase, when the customer reports malfunctions with his SAP software to the Abaco team, the source of the problem is assessed and a complete diagnosis is made.All of this with the strictness of SLA’s – Service Level Agreement – from Abaco.

It is part of the tasks and responsibilities of SAP team consultants to share proposals for evolutionary improvements. Although preventive and corrective maintenance and support are of high importance in the short term, companies must also focus on a long-term strategy, where they increase their operational efficiency and reduce operating costs, through new technologies and innovative solutions.

SAP AMS: Advantages

  • Cost reduction
    Outsourcing this type of services significantly reduces costs for the company. Many companies doesn’t need an in-house, highly specialized team to perform SAP support and maintenance.


  • Quality and agility
    The quality of this type of service is mainly due to the technical quality of the team. Our team has a high level of competence to solve new problems. Also a high commitment to work and capacity for adaptation in multicultural environments are part of our culture.


  • Specialized service
    At Abaco we have a “periodic follow-up program” where our consultants meet regularly with each client. This allow us too collect feedback and, inputs for continuous service improvements. These meetings are also a good prospect management tool for the client. Finally, monthly reports will be send to customers.
    We also have reporting & communication activities, such as periodic sending to customers of technical and legal newsletters, activity reports and intervention reports.


  • Best practices
    Abaco is certified by SAP as a Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). This certification confirms that Abaco applies SAP’s best practice models and guidelines. This certification covers processes, systems and people and certifies Abaco as a provider of high quality and compliance services when using SAP SOLUTION MANAGER, in addition to the support methodology defined by the SAP standard.


Abaco Consulting is specialized in SAP AMS, with 16 years of experience in international markets. It has solutions adapted to the realities of companies of any size and industry. Contact Abaco for more informations.

SAP AMS Application management Service

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