What is the GlobalSolver Procurement
Optimization solution?

GlobalSolver Procurement

Procurement Optimization solution

In view of the operational performance of organizations, Abaco Consulting has developed an interface that allows the integration of the GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization platform with the ERP SAP, thus becoming an exclusive GlobalSolver partner for SAP customers. Find out how your organization can take advantage of this strategic partnership.


What is the GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization solution?

GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization is a B2B cloud platform that aims to improve the operational performance of organizations. It works by optimizing the procurement and purchasing negotiation process.

Using its own algorithms, it calculates the best supplier proposal. This makes a process that is usually complex and time-consuming more efficient, rigorous and fast.

By automating the management of purchases and suppliers, this software not only minimizes the structure of direct and indirect costs of organizations, but also allows better management and monitoring of the purchasing process, since it provides tangible, understandable and ready-to-be data. implemented.


GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization: how does it work?

GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization allows the buyer to consult, select and contract an unlimited number of suppliers. It algorithm structure calculates the ideal solution based on the best prices, quantity, volume, discounts and quality scores from the supplier . All with the aim of minimizing purchase costs and simplifying processes.

By centralizing, in a single platform, the procurement process – through an integrated process of importing, processing, optimizing and exporting data for use on the web, on a desktop or on mobile devices -, GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization also allows negotiation and a more informed decision-making process. In addition to providing the buyer with detailed information for each of the different purchase scenarios, it invites, say, suppliers to improve their initial proposals in terms of unit prices, commercial discounts (by quantity or volume of purchase) and cash discounts .


Integration with SAP ERP

Abaco Consulting has developed an interface that allows the integration of GlobalSolver Procurement Optimization with ERP SAP. This way we become an exclusive partner of GlobalSolver, a Portuguese company that developed the software.

This partnership is specifically designed to bring competitive advantages to organisations. Intelligent automation improves purchasing and supplier management, process simplification, and more efficient global growth – bringing new value to financial decisions.

It is recalled that business inefficiency in terms of procurement has a high cost for organizations, whether in late purchases, lost discounts and transaction disputes.

With solid purchasing management software, no information is lost and interested parties can increase, approve or reject items on time. Thus, a simplified and intelligent purchasing process offers better control over all stages of the life cycle of these same purchases and adds value to organizations.

Procurement Optimization solution

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