Why You Need SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Companies of all sizes are transforming their business, and any transformation is really a people transformation. Your people are your competitive advantage. The creative power of our people, the energy and synergy that comes from our teams giving their best, and being inspired, motivated and connected in meaningful ways is what provides the foundation to competitive differentiation. We are  at a point where technologycan deliver what  people expect: engagement, connection, and individualized experiences.

Technology is at an inflection point. Without unlocking human potential and moving beyond the transactional, the value and impact to the organization will flounder. It’s time to move to a human centered approach, and supercharge and accelerate your impact. SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite enables you to focus on these humancentered experiences. Not only can you leverage innovation in SAP SuccessFactors solutions but also from the power of  all SAP solutions. The result: rapidly turn your organization’s purpose into strong performance.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite enables you to focus on the needs of your people and what inspires them to perform at their best. You can make continuous improvements by combining experience data and operational data to make the decisions and take the actions that lead to employees who deliver more, build a positive culture, and advocate for your brand. You can leverage innovation not only from SAP SuccessFactors solutions and intelligent technologies, but also from the power of solutions like SAP Cloud Platform. Only with SAP can you truly reinvent human experiences, helping you not only compete, but win in the experience economy.



Managing the complexity of people and transactions in today’s highly diverse, global workforce can be challenging. Flexible SAP SuccessFactors solutions help you simplify HR processes, streamline benefits administration, optimize HR service delivery, and provide personalized experiences that improve every employee’s work life.

Employees expect HR tools that work the way they live: intuitively, collaboratively, and in real time. They also need information that is personalized, contextual, and easily accessible. Our core HR solutions provide employees with immediate access to their information through the HR help desk functionality using their preferred communication channel.

Smart automation and intelligent HR workflows help you manage processes, not just transactions. These features enable improved insight, strategic decision-making, and better business performance. Automated visa and permits management helps you bring in the right people at the right time while remaining compliant with regulations. Our flexible, powerful and scalable benefits solution enables employees to enroll in countryspecific benefits and HR to manage plans, eligibility rules, and enrollments worldwide.



Tracking and managing employee time can help you improve employee productivity and engagement. With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, you can automate labor, time, and attendance management. Use can use embedded features that align with local, regional, and national laws and collective labor agreements. You can automatically evaluate and calculate time information according to each employee’s profile, supporting accurate payments. Employees can easily record attendance and any type of absence and get real-time insight into their balances, overtime, and premiums.

You can plan, record, and approve all types of absence efficiently. Automated absence management features help managers gain real-time insights into workforce trends. People analytics offers information that can help you improve workforce planning, predict flight risks, and inform decisions. In addition, you can accurately forecast workforce demand to reduce overtime costs, schedule employees according to KPIs or skills, and allow employees to manage their shifts from their mobile device.



Our recruiting and onboarding solutions help you attract and nurture talent. Results-oriented recruiting practices embed engagement and automation technologies to secure the right people for each job. With personalized, interactive onboarding, you set up new hires to be productive and successful employees from the start.

With our learning and development solutions, you can enable a culture of learning with communities that support social learning, compliance training, and learning linked with development goals, career paths, programs, and recommendations. Development and succession solutions help you fill critical positions by closing talent gaps and promoting leadership continuity

You can create a true high-performance culture with our performance and compensation solutions. Performance management supports continuous coaching and feedback while helping you accurately recognize top talent. Compensation solutions enable smarter payment and reward strategies that motivate employees to perform at their best.



Having the right people with the right skills at the right time and cost is essential. People analytics helps you improve business decisions with trusted intelligence. Using integrated data from multiple business systems, you can investigate trends in hiring, diversity, turnover, and performance, and you can see how investments in people impact your business results. You can share trends and insights with compelling visualizations and accelerate change with simplified story-driven reporting. Plan for the workforce you need to achieve your business goals – now and in the future – with streamlined headcount planning, supply-demand gap analysis, and financial modeling and impact assessments. Collaborative, real-time workforce planning helps you address resource gaps, execute successfully on your business strategy, and manage the risk of talent shortages.

Executives and leaders that need real-time contextual information and self-service can use SAP Digital Boardroom. This is a next-generation enterprise analytics offering that integrates data from SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP S/4HANA, and other applications. You can monitor, simulate, and support business change to meet the expectations of your customers, business partners, and employees


Solutions for Employee Experience Management | DRIVE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT

Companies that deliver great employee experiences deliver better business results – including higher employee productivity, lower turnover, and greater customer satisfaction. This solution offer transactional HR data as well as rich data about people, so you know everything about workforce trends. You can learn how many candidates are accepting or rejecting offers, which employees are leaving the organization, and how quickly new hires achieve full productivity. Combine this operational data with experience data, and you’ll understand the reasons behind what’s happening across your organization.

X-data and O-data help you gain real-time insight into which behaviors are trending in your organization and the sentiment behind them. You also can learn what’s happening within individual teams and what changes can help you increase engagement, shape culture, drive development, and create a motivated, productive workforce.

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