Abaco is one of the largest companies that implement SAP ERP systems within Portugal and beyond (with both national and international projects, and multi-national offices). Abaco works across 4 essential sectors:

The Maintenance and Implementation of SAP systems, *SAP?/System?* Training, and Outsourcing.

Human Capital is fundamental to the success of this service orientated business. Abaco strives to ensure each individual employee possesses the correct knowledge/skills, dynamism and innovation, that can be cherished amongst their working culture.

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Abaco is one of the largest Portuguese companies implementing SAP ERP systems, with projects at national and international level. It has a specialized team with about 200 consultants certified in SAP located in the five offices in which it operates: Porto, Lisbon, São Paulo, London and Genève.Abaco aims to energize this team with the integration of several professionals in its offices, which will make a valuable contribution to the expansion of the business.


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